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    I remember reading an article about the different breeds that bit mailmen as the old story goes. Poodle was either #1 or #2 with Chihuahuah [(that Mexican rat, however it is spelled] taking the other spot. I don't know if Pit Bull was even on the list.
    LOL, that's funny. See perception will fool you. I got so irritated with the pit bull comment that I forgot to respond to the original question. I would shoot anyone or anything that threatened a member of my family. Dogs included.

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    In Texas you have a right to use deadly force to protect your property yourself or the life of another. Don't know about SC. I shot a German Shepherd that lunged at me right between the headlights with a 38. No problem.

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    Thats a real scenario here in Wa. Dude was at the park in Kirkland, 3 pits attacked his Sheapard. He has a CWP. He shot one (inside the city limits) and no charges were ever filed. I think a lot could depend on the cop or prosecuter and how their attitudes towards this is. Are they dog friendly or gun friendly, anti dog, anti gun or...? Hard to tell.

  5. On this thread i can talk from personal experance. About 15 years ago i was charged by a chow while investigasting some noises at our barn at midnight. For some unknown reasion i did not feal the need, at the time, to carry a wepon with me. I rounded the corner at the back of the barn when I supprised a chow trying to dig his way in. He growled and charged. At this point I had only one option. A swift adrenalin charged kick to the chin, with steel toed boots, sent him flying through th air head ofer heals. Oh at the time I was 6'3" and 310# and in verry good condition. The dog landed a good 15' away. He jumped up turned toward me again and growled. I let out a half growl and half yell then stomped the ground with what was enough force that he then turned and troted off. Was I lucky, yes. Will I do that again without some sort of weapon, no. Even though I did not have time to draw a weapon at the first point of contact, but he would not have gotten off my property alive.
    Do you need a gun to fend off a dog attak, not always, but always nice to have just in case.

  6. I agree,anything attacking my dog was after me first and should be dispatched immediately. Most peoples pets are like family even if the law says otherwise.

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    Find out what the statutes are for your state or county. You can be convicted of various felony's and/or missdemeanors depending on the situation- know the law and make NO statements without counsel. It's amazing how fast LEO changes from your friend to ' im just doing my job' and you get convicted

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    "It's amazing how fast LEO changes from your friend to ' im just doing my job' and you get convicted."

    Wow, that is the truth.

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    A great reason to carry pepper spray. If the OC doesn't keep the animal from attacking, "I was in fear for my life" as a reason to shoot will almost always suffice - just make sure that ricochets aren't likely to hit anyone.
    As an addition to this post, I feel that it's important to note that people should realize a dog is not dangerous in-and-of itself, it's the person who owns/trains/neglects it that creates the danger.

    As mentioned by others, even a Standard Poodle can inflict harm on someone. The fact about Pits, Rots, Chows, & the rest is that these breeds are only capable of inflicting serious damage due to their breed characteristics - a strong jaw configuration, their size, agility, etc.

    It's the stupid human that should be labeled dangerous.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

  10. I can answer for South Carolina within reason. I live in Summerville/North Charleston area. The day after Thanksgiving of this year (2012), I had let my dogs outside on their leash to do their morning business. The neighbor had a friend visiting for the weekend who'd brought their 2 boxers. They broke out of the yard and charged my dogs. One could defend itself, the other is a Pomeranian (wife's dog NOT mine! LOL). My dog was in serious pain and distress. I pulled my hand gun and shot the boxer. I then called the police and did all that stuff. When the officers were there, what they told me was that in SC you have the same rights to protect your pets as you do your family.

    That didn't sound right to me, so I asked another police officer, who is a friend, 2 weeks later and he stated that there was no exaggeration to that comment. I can use deadly force against animals or even people threatening my dog the same as if they're threatening a member of my household.

    I still had some some doubts so I gave the obvious scenario, "Ok, so if someone is threatening to kill my dog, and not threatening to harm any people, just hates and wants to kill my dog, am I allowed to pull a gun and shoot that person." The answer I was given is yes. You can protect your household pets with the same vigor as protecting a member of your family.

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    Here in Texas our governer Rick Perry shot a coyote while on a jog with his dog with a Ruger LCP. Ruger was quick to make a Texas edition of that gun. I sure love it here in Texas.

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