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Thread: Person Points Shotgun @ You..Do You Shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    We had something like this happen in the next town over a few years ago. The officer was responding to a noise complaint at an apartment building. Knocked on the door, the man opened the door and stuck a shotgun into the officers neck. The officer had no room to run and in his own words "It wasn't feasible to draw his weapon". So he talked the guy into placing his firearm down and because the officer had no backup he left.

    They got him at a later date and time. They ended up faking a fire at the apartment building and dressed like firemen, when he come out of his apartment they arrested him with out incident.
    Very cool. Outfoxed the little perp.

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    Depends on the situation. Most of the time if they don't fire when they draw, they won't. That's straight up facts right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punch View Post
    ........ but his voice did not sound like he really thought the guy was going to pull the trigger (bad). ................
    Exactly, I get the impression that this Officer was mentally unprepared to take a human life and it almost cost him his. If the Perp had been using buckshot instead of birdshot this Officer would be dead.

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    Second response Officer is lucky to be alive.

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    If someone points a shotgun at me, I'll shoot the *********, if the opportunity exists.
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    The troubling part is the deliberate aiming by the perp. Of course it's also crystal clear in hindsight. Yes, most would of taken the shot, even if the muzzle was slightly off aim after telling the guy to drop the gun more than twice. The muzzle direction and the purposeful aiming(& not following directions) are big red flags. I can understand his concern about bystanders somewhat. A middle ground would also be better cover while directing. Glad he's mostly O.K.

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    Tough call. It would be instinctive to try to eliminate the threat, but..... where would the bullets end up? In someone inside the builing? Tough call.
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