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  1. "Law Enforcement Only" Ammo from my experience as a LEO is that it is usually just ammo that is made specifically for a dept and usually has a bigger punch than range or self defense ammo and is mostly JHP. For example, Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124gr +P JHP which NYPD uses and most civilians here that carry (yes there are carry permits issued in NYC but you do have a better chance of winning lotto) have this ammo in their carry guns. But my suggestion is if you have never shot the type of ammo you have bought or is buying, get a couple more boxes and practice with it so that when the time comes you may need to use it you will know how it will recoil and it wont be a surprise. And check with your local law in regards to using Hollow points.
    P.S. +P rounds if you have never shot it before do pack a little extra punch if your not familiar with them especially if your using a polymer frame gun (ex: Glock, S&W M&P, etc)

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    I have seen that brand of ammo for sale a few times, it's primarily marketed towards LE but it's not illegal for civilians per se. It's just hard to find. 147gr can also be had if you go looking hard enough, again mostly aimed for LE since you hardly need that sort of weight for target shooting.

    Winchester Ranger 40 cal Ammo | 50 Rounds of 165 Grain JHP 40 cal Ammunition from Winchester | Ammo.net

    I don't see anything there that says you should not be able to buy this?

    As was mentioned before if JHP are a no go in your state that still applies, of course.

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    Ammo to go sells Federal LE tactical HST and Speer Gold Dots to anyone who has the money. You can buy Federal Tactical LE 00 buck as well. No problem. I think you'd be in better shape legally if you use what your local cops use.

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