Police chase in Ohio
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Thread: Police chase in Ohio

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    Police chase in Ohio

    Check this one out...

    I don't know the outcome but seeing the officer at point blank on the windshield it does not look good for the perp....
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    WOW...that's amazing. I thought it'd be one of those "Wildest Police Videos" wrecks at the end....I didn't imagine that the wreck would be at the hand of his service pistol.
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    Wow! That's crazy! Thanks for posting
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    Thanks, great post! That was crazy!
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    Wow! Totally didn't see that coming! I saw the first officer fire off a few rounds but NEVER expected the ending! Nice!
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    All that happened like 15 mins from my house. I have no idea how I didn't know about it. I figured something like that would have made the news. Blue Ash is a quiet city with very little problems. It's crazy. You got to do what you got to do to stop the BG.

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