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    Quote Originally Posted by dojoman:223980
    Furthermore, post some "good cop strikes again" or does everything have to be the mess ups? Oh wait, ppl forget about that. Did you sleep well last night? Was your neighborhood safe? Who do you call to complain about violence and thugs? But never call to say Thank You. "i pay high taxes and want to sleep well at night, so when something goes wrong ill loose my mind"....says the idiots who dont understand anything outside of football and meaningless tv shows. Oh wait you call Jerry Springer and Dr Phil right.....Haha apathetic yuppies.
    Before you hit the submit button, really think about your posts and decide if you really want to be viewed as a troll.

  3. Yea and I am sure you pointed out to everyone who had a complaint that if the charge they made could not be proved they would be charged with a crime. WOW let me say That again WOW!!!! As most stops are one cop and one person and noone saw it. its his word vs the cops see what they hear? I got abused by that cop and now if I can not prove it the whole justice system is going to send me to jail.
    Look at Canton's officer Hartless 18 complaints none stuck!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!! IA. he was a great cop all the complaints the people made were not true. till they got it on tape. DAMM THOSE MINI CAMS!!!!
    Oh wait! they are trying to outlaw the use of them to tape cops' You will be good to go soon.
    clear them all right no proof no crime! just a few are doing wrong, guess the fact that the only real proof
    that is good is a dead body or a video. or both. or rape they leave some stuff behind and ya know no sex on duty. with dash cam and in the car cam and some day cam on the officer we will see proof of the good cops.
    are there good cops out there OH YEA MOST. but there are a lot of bad guys who hide and make fun of people and talk about how they did this to this guy ro that to this punk. If your a cop your have heard them.
    if you did not your not caring about it. cause it's there. Hear the one about the women who call the police about a peepingtom and the cop asked her what she was wearing? that is a true story. oh wait you do see something wrong with that right? NO! or maybe you have seen this you stop a women and she shows a little more skin and you let her go and meet her later for drinks. or she gets a ticket if she said no.
    thats a true story. the cop was met with the girl's uncle who punched him out ( he was a sgt on the same force.) no charges filed by anybody. handle in person. is that wrong. oh yea it means only cop's family are protected. you see the officer pulled over drunk he gets a ride home and a second officer drive's his car home. is that right. drinking in a bar carring a gun is that right.
    one cop gets in trouble and the other cops put heat on the perosn who made a complaint. driving by him or her, traffic stops, following them for a few miles just to let them know they messed up. letting all cops know who made the complaint. yea oh how about the discounts cops get , free food drinks ymca memberships or other places. do they get a discount with hookers? They have! some got noticed and were told to stop. it looks bad for the pd. well like I said there are good cops they are trying but it's a hard road to walk there are so many things that can fall in your way. the force is a hard life, policeofficers work a sat night and they come on at 11pm and at 11:30 they got a fight call at a some dive and end up fighting for their life, get beatup and when they get the badguys in jail or the med center. they get back on patrol and at 1:40 they get a second fight and get hurt again, now they are sore and tired mentaly and body. then they get a drunk driver at high speed and he crashes and they get to clean that up- some dead kids that hurts too. and it's only 2:30
    am. Back on patrol a other cop calls for help on a family fight the husband comes home drunk and wakes the wife for sex and he smells like a garbage pile and she says no and his hands fly. she call the pd and the first two cops get there and he is like 6'6 two fifty. and they are 5'9" party time. As they are fighting him to protect her she jumps in on his side cause they were hurting him I just want them to make him sleep on the couch. It's now 4pm your wife and kids wanted you to go with them before your shift so you got up eary to go with them. you got home yesterday at 7:30 am and went with them to the fair at 1030am so your woreout they you get a home breakin with the women home alone. now your nerves are on high alert and your driving as fast as it is safe to do and you get there and you run in and the women is raped and other officer are running the badguy down and your drive around some blocks hearing the chase on the radio.
    you spot the foot chase and your join them the guy turns to you and you see a gun your hand is not on your gun it's still in your holster, you grab and fire. now the world will judge if you were right.
    damm hard JOB and we ask this for normal people to do. with not much help to do the job. we give them a badge, a gun( as small a cal as poss 38 + p or 9mm or in a few places a 40 not many with a 45. and some places a shotgun.) and they get no real training after that ( the mind set is they know how to do the job older cops teach them.) yea! who supervise this the sgt and lt. MY ass they do they teach them how to cover your ass. Thats it. thats the training. watch each other's back. cause noone else is. thats the truth. we get what we support, we made them this way. how do we fix it by caring and seeing the problem. if we hide it like there are only a few bad cops then we can say ok we just get rid of them then we are good to go, do not need to fix the system. the system is not broken it works. my ass it works. we give them so little help we deserve what we get. Who could do that job and not get mad, and on guard. they see injustice for all and they have to enforce what they can. god help us cause it is not going get fixed. you think it's the cop on patrol thats the problem no it the system! so the system is not working!!
    Let those who worship evil's might beware my power- american's 2nd Amendment's right.

    To the policeofficers who try every day to live on the right side
    and do the right thing. I know it's hard and you walk a rope doing it.
    you have to choose so many things and sometimes the systems in place do not let you do what you know in your heart is right. You feel not wanted and abused. I am sorry the life is that way. Please do as best as you can. If your mad at this post then you need to see it's true. beaware of the bad things around you. See the holes you need to step around. Do not turn your head. thats a very hard thing to do. Can we ask you to do this? We do not deserve it. We let you take on all the garbage we can't take. But we pray you do, we hope you do, we are dying in the streets.
    we hope you get to be in charge the top cop. We want you to be the best you can be and help us by fixing the system. How we do not know.
    we hope you can because you know what the fixing needs. can you?
    time will tell. riots and civil unrest are the proof that the systems do not work. you can look at color or money or someother thing and say thats the problem but it's not.
    home of the brave land of the free, justice for all.
    the American dream. can we get there? the world wants us too. they want to be part of it. God bless us every one.
    you have to face the problem before you can fix it.
    I belive in us. all of us black, white, red, and brown, rich, poor, and smart and dumb like me.
    i have seen a poor black guy coming home late at night stop a robbery and get hurt doing it.
    I have seen the rich old lady help the poor school with money to buy books and school suppys.
    I have seen our nation hold it's breath at some terrible event that has happen and we all feel the pain. GOD PLEASE now is the time to help us cause we are so close to losing it all.
    From one who fell. trying to get back up.


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    Take it easy on the poor police officers involved, I'm sure the two weeks of paid leave has taught them some valuable lessons.

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