Man defends Family from Grizzly
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Thread: Man defends Family from Grizzly

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    Exclamation Man defends Family from Grizzly

    Man Claims Self Defense In Shooting Grizzly; Feds File Charges - KHQ Right Now - News and Weather for Spokane and North Idaho |

    This case is one that defies logic given the choice if my kids were threatened I would have made the same decision...

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    What a shame. He should have been applauded instead of harrassed. Typical gub BS thinking. Predators get the deep six every time I get a bead on one. The "rabbit sheriffs" have gone way over the edge on this one.

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    I heard this on radio on our way home from shopping, I think it was the Dana Show or something. The guy is being charged with shooting a protected species of bear. While his family was in danger, these same tree hugging "authorities" would had probably preferred that the life of a human being is less important than preserving the stupid species of nature. Man against nature. Stupid man sided with nature in this case is completely inane. How much of more of an idiot can an idiot be? These are the same people who gives guns to the drug cartels that killed our men! If I were him, I'd have the grizzly turned into a rug and put it on my floor and kick its head each time I passes it by...then shout in triumph that I was able to kill the bastard that nearly got my child's life!
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    well....... I agree that the bears are a danger. I have lived in Alaska,and have had several encounters with grizzlies. Some frightrning and others not. But you just never know what they are going to do. There have been several joggers who just happened to be to close to a grizzlies food cache. Or to close to a cub and we all know what follows,an encounter with a griz cub.I do not blame him for shooting the bears, I would've acted alot like him as well, when kids and family are involved.But we all must remember, they live there also. We protect our home and food source and our children the same way a grizzly does.I hate the fact that the grizzly had to come down, but, you just can't trust them. Do you remember the young man who had spent many seasons with the grizzlies in the maze? He was found in peices along with his girlfriend.They are wild, so we have to always assume that trouble has arrived. Just saying
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  6. I believe that was a person by the name of Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend with a name I am unable to remember at this time

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    My family and I, or a grizzly? Hmm...

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    yes. he had spent many years studying and bonding with them in the grizzly maze. it was the last of his trips, and a farewell so to speak. after all that time and effort, to be rewarded like that. very sad. we just can't trust them. just saying
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    Well,I support this man's deciesion to shoot, and defend his family 100% what more can be said

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