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    Now that we have CCw permits in Wisconsin. Do you think that will deter the flash mobs that we had last summer like at the fair? Or do you think that someone will have to get shot before it stops or do you think nothing will stop it.
    I hope the young people looking for excitment do not get killed over this cazyness.
    regardless of color it is wrong and people will not take much of it. sooner or later someone will have a gun and push too far and you will see someone shot.
    attacking someone because of color in a mob is the way to set off repercusstion that will bring down heat on that group, young people out alone in groups.
    If a victim in a mob attack get shot by someone in the mob then everyone will be armed. and the fairs and other places that have family events will want more protection from that group. Ok for real if young black males in mobs attacks white people by themselfs on the street at state events then they are making the sterotype be seen as real. if all whites see in the news is Black males attack white people in the street at fairs and malls and other places familys go. Guess what you are making the myth becomes real. Black male is going to attack me.
    fear will be come anger, then hate, then action, what action? laws first, then things will be harder to get jobs, shop somewhere, security chasing you off, and a lot of things we were hoping would go away and we would all get along. Dr King would say this is a step in the wrong direction.fear is our downfall it will bring back all the things we are trying to stop. I hope there is a man somewhere who can step up and fill DR Kings shoes cause we need him now! I see young men attacking a old man and the old man pulling a gun and shooting a young man down and the up rising and mob action and police, nat guard burning and more shooting and more dead. And this time people will not listen to the protest was because we were just
    mad cause we did not get jobs. maybe it is, but times are hard and we all are hurting. Now we want this stuff to stop, no more attacking we want them stopped.
    we want teargas, dogs , shotguns and army troops and dead attackers. thats what we are sick of this poor me stuff I burn a block and 5 people died.
    do you not see the law changed because people are sick of being victims. the post here in this forum are because of fear, this is not the 60,s you not going have people on your side this time. thats what the old post were about in this forum
    am I because I am white walking down the street and get attacked by a black group of young males. I don't attack blacks or anyone. why am i scared that might happen to me. You say You were picked on because your black by whites. well I was attacked in my youth by blacks, fear will drive us to protect ourselfs.
    you and me so you got your guns I got mine and now we wait.
    We wait for someone to step up and say you know we are alot alike and we can fix this. and get along or we shoot each other sometimes the law will say we are right and sometime the law will say we were wrong and both sides will bleed.
    and the young will die and go to prison. and each side will say "see I told you they were like that" using the same words.
    Blood is red! funny like that, from both of us.
    race war or we are one race, one people, when I was in the Marines my friend was name outlaw. he was black and a very sweet guy, never had a bad word about anyone, he could sing and was very smart. he was my friend. I lost track of him, he was a cpl, me too. i wonder where he is? he got kids now? family? hard times? He still the good man i knew. am I still his friend, is he mine? Am i a good man? If I shoot someone could it be his son? Would his son attack me?
    I can hate this world for making that possible happen. We would pick up girls and dance on the beach and get sunburns and eat at McD. walk back to base and read comics and play baseball. He slep in a bunk three feet from me. He check my uniform and i checked his. we were buds. Marines green, lean and mean! and he was my friend, Charles! HIS name was Charles! I got tears in my eyes cause I hate this world. That it might be possible that someday I could shoot his son.
    Please stop the cazyness and help us past this hard time GOD Cause we all are someone friend. or his son.
    For me and Outlaw and his son. For all our sons!

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    Wow, I am not sure what to say about all of that. It sounds like you have alot of pain in your heart my friend. To answer your question, I dont think anything will change, perhaps for the worse maybe. As the economy spirals down, honest people can be driven to do dishonest things. The best you can do is prepare for the worst and hope to God nothing happens to you. Flash mobs or not, sometimes bad things happen to good people. That is why we carry and do our best to prepare for things that we hope will never happen. As we all know, we must fully be prepared to face the consequences if and when we ever pull the trigger. Regardless of race or age, things will happen. Do you best to keep yourself out of situations like you described. Also, try searching for your friend, google can be your friend in this situation. Especially if you know his full name DOB. Good luck.

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    Semper Fi Devildog...you make some valid points. Im a 39 year old marine, Black male and you have nothing to fear from me and many like me marine or not.The world is very sh*tty rite now & not gettin any better. You protect yourself and your family and let God sort it out! If you have to put someone down, black,white, whatever...thats not your fault, its Theirs! DrKings not comin back but the dreams still alive....so Live Brother! In freedom & peace. Next time "say it wit ya chest, like a man" as Gunny use to say. Stop crying like a peasant, your a Marine not a victim! Remember that Soldier & never forget it!

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    Key word here is "Mob" a mob is not rational, no better or worse than a pack of wild dogs, that said I will defend myself and my family.

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    Umm...what was the question again? (scratching head)

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    So far the whole mob thing is being carried out mostly by ONE group of people, and they are not helping lay to rest the stereotypes that ALREADY exist. It would seem to me that the best way to police the problem is from WITHIN the group that conducting this activity. So far there hasn't been any comments from the normally OUTSPOKEN representatives of these men and women. Only excuses condoning the activity for whatever the reason of the day is. It seems to me that we are on the verge or something terrible. It will take someone being killed to address the problem. This may seem trivial and harmless to some. But to someone who is the sole provider for his family, with hungry children at home. These groups are literally steeling food from a family, and sooner or later it will escalate to something nobody wants to see. It needs to stop now. As quickly as it started...

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    The only way to deter mobs is one incident where they attack the wrong place full of the right people. Flash robs are in the top 5 reasons I got my ccw in the first place.

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    Errrrrr, maybe they can teach to OWS crowd to do it. OPPS, MY ERROR.......OWS crowd don't do anything. Can't get them off their intoxicated buttocks to anything but rape, ingest and pretty much just sit and stink. <<<SORRY>>> didn't mean to hijack the thread. Jus saying.
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    IMHO, I think many of the people that get involved in flash-mobbing live in another kind of world than many of us do. For many of us, we have the food we need and more. We have a decent car, access to jobs, nice clothes, a clean and warm place to live and we have these things without giving them much thought. The idea of violence, the idea of stealing to survive or 'mobbing' to get free stuff (free to the taker) seems like something we just don't understand.

    I'm not saying it's right by ANY means, I'm just saying that many of us do not likely fully 'get' the mindset of those living at or under poverty, in violent surroundings day in and day out all while not knowing how long they will be living in thier current abode or where the next meal might be. We don't get how easily flashing a store or street area starts and how it is so much less wrong to some than it is to us.

    I've been in many homes throughout my area while working 15 years as a home care (respiratory) type, up till two years ago. I've spoken with many families and overheard many conversations. I've been in all kinds of neighborhoods at all hours of the day and night. I get the 'flavor' that many people live in that would seem to make them more prone to stealing, flashing and other alternatives to making money, surviving.

    What does any of that have to do with this thread? I dunno, on one hand I feel for those in desperate ways and yet in my other hand is a Glock...
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    Doesn't make it any more right. Especially when they are stealing from, for the most part their own demographic type of people.

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