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Thread: Using reloaded hollow points for self defense

  1. Hate to confuscate the issue...

    What about those of us who cast or swage our ammo before we reload. Thoughts?

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    I think reloads are going to be more of an issue in civil suits than criminal trials. "Preponderance of the evidence" in a civil suit is much lower than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard of a criminal case.

    I agree with the idea of carrying a load that the cops carry. Very hard to disagree with that. If it's bad for me, then it's bad for them.

    I'll happily train with reloads all day long. But the only ammo issues I've ever had in 20+ years of shooting were from reloads. I won't carry them as defense rounds unless I have to.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by NDPendant View Post
    What about those of us who cast or swage our ammo before we reload. Thoughts?
    Wear gloves and a surgical mask when handling lead to reduce your exposure.
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    I have reloaded my own for over 40 year's but I still carry factory loads in my carry weapon. I refuse to give some lameass Prosecutor any more ammo to throw at me and a jury that most likely has NO knowledge about ammunition or handloads. I spent over 25 year's dealing with many Prosecutors and many shooting cases and I would not let them have any piece of me If I could keep them from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ransom63:253885
    I'm sure this subject has been kicked around for years. I just though it needed another kick.
    I reload. I mainly use my reloaded rounds for target practice, but sometimes I'll carry them.
    IF the reloaded round is built exactly to the manufacturer's spec., why would there be any kind of legal entangelment if I was engaged in a situation where I had to defend my or my loved one's lives and the bad guy is dispatched? I've heard that a prosecuting lawyer could claim that the rounds were loaded to specifically do excessive harm...well, hell yes!
    Have any of you been engaged in a conversation like this?
    Mass Ayoop says for personal protection use manufactured not reloads

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    I have talked to lawyers and my son is a lawyer, there is not any case law for use of reloaded ammo.
    In the state I live in we have Castle Doctrine you can use deadly force as long as you are legaly there and deadly force is justified. That may mean with a firearm with factory ammo or reloaded ammo or a shovel or an ice pick. And in this state that I'm in the law states you can not be prosecuted.

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    When the top experts in a specific field advise something, rational persons should adhere to their advice.

    Only current fresh factory loaded ammo should be used for any self defense situation.

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    I have to agree with Punch, I have been reloading since the early 90`s (the Clinton gun ban era), and have fired 1000`s of rounds through my Ruger revolvers (GP100-Super Redhawk) and pistol (P90), with not one miss fire or jam. Every round I fired over my chronograph was as consistant as any factory round I tested. If you use good components (stored properly), good reloading equipment, learn what your doing, and take your time, your reloads will be as reliable and accurate as anything you will buy off the shelf.
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  10. [/Quote]
    I must be doing something wrong. My handloads, once I have worked-up a specific load, have always been more reliable and accurate than any factory ammo I have ever shot. I do handload my self-defense carry rounds more carefully than range ammo, but how hard is it to triple check every step when making up a batch of 11 rounds? Does the ammunition factory weigh each powder charge on a digital scale checked with a check weight before and after a batch of 11 rounds? Does the ammunition factory hand check the proper seating of every primer in each piece of brass? Does the ammunition factory measure the OAL of each round produced? Does the ammunition factory visually inspect each powder charge for detectable problems with the powder? Does the ammunition factory visually inspect each and every piece of empty brass for foriegn debris before loading? I'll bet the answer to each and every one of those questions is no. But there is no reason for the handloader not to when making up a batch of 11 rounds for self-defense carry.[/QUOTE]

    +1 - This!

  11. Ok.. I have read through the post here.. and here is my dime worth of comments (inflation you know!!!)

    1. Factory is more reliable---
    Well this depends on how much you paid for it and true quality...
    2. hand loaded is unreliable
    In the past 3 months I have had a friend load 1200 rounds for me.
    I just haven't gotten my gear yet!
    ALL of which has been PERFECT on the pistol range... USPSA matches.
    of the ~200 factory loads--
    2 rounds did not cycle the weapon..
    1 round did not fire at all
    1 round fired, cycled but couldn't eject..Stovepipe (NO IT WASN'T a LIMP WRIST!)
    Now the loader has been loading for 15+ years...
    3. Powder controlled recoil !!!!
    In a tense situation I think every controllable element should be handled..
    My friend loads with a ~755 +/- 5 FPS standard.. we have chroned the ammo on 4 different guns and it is consistent with rounds from separate runs.. Monday Wednesday.. 2 weeks later..

    YES.. I have factory loaded ammo... yes I bought BIG $$ for SD..
    But once we get my press all setup and running I'll likely load some too...

    I agree with the progressive press statement above..
    I saw one guy who had a progressive and out of 10 rounds the chrono showed them to swing 35-50 FPS in the 10 round test fire...

    SO a poor reloader is bad... but just like everything else in life.. you have to be careful to not chracterize...


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