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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    13 years old and has a gang name already!

    Had...will look nice on his tombstone
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  3. Yea just because he was 13? He had a gun do guess if he knew he wanted to steal, he knew he could die as well....

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    All I can say is that if I had found either of my kids as 13 yr olds out at 11 pm,(or for that matter,noon) with a firearm, some serious trouble would have ensued for them. Right now. WTF? Hello? Earth to Parents. Hello? Your 13 year old has a firearm and is out on the street at 11pm? What could possibly go wrong? Situations like this just make me sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLeeHarley View Post
    Quote "Sorry he lost his life" I'm very sorry to say that I am NOT sorry! If he hadn't been killed some innocent victim would have been sooner or later. Hard to say but like the animals in the wild, we need to weed out the bad. Just my point of view and I'm not saying that I am correct. It's just what I believe. OK haters have at me as I don't mind one bit!
    I grieve for him as much as I grieve for all those who lose their lives unnecessarily, but not as much as I grieve for those who lose their lives having had no power over the situation in which their lives were lost. If I were in a self-defense shooting where I could only save my own life at the expense of the life of the person trying to take it, before I would even have had the time to call the cops, before I would even have time to do a security sweep of the area, before I would even have had the time reassess my ammo supply, I will have grieved for the life I'd taken... just not for very long. I treasure and value the life of every human being... just not necessarily more than I value my own.
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    This is, in my opinion, the results of "The streets" raising the children and not the parents. Does not matter if the children are black, white, red, brown or any color in between. Sad day when things like this happen but if one life had to be lost at least it was the life on the wrong path...
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    Would Little Tez would have looked like obambam's if he were alive today?
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    Police officer in Houston shot a 14 year old breaking into a school room at 1am in the morning. If you want to be a thief, burglar, robber or gang banger you assume all liability for your actions.

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    A teenaged thug with a loaded gun who is trying to "increase his rep" is one of the most dangerous things a person could ever encounter on the streets. It's like playing a video game to these punks and your life or the lives of your loved ones means absolutely nothing to them.

    One less scumbag to worry about as far as I'm concerned.
    I'm just glad that the carjacking victim was locked and loaded,
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    At least since the idiot kid had a weapon, the intended victim will most likely not be having a bounty on his head. One more example of parental failure. Oh yeah, his only family was probably his gang. No hate crime, racism here folks, send Al back to FLorida.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    13 years old and has a gang name already!

    He maybe Lil Tez cause his dad is Big Tez I actualy think its sad he chose such a fate at a young age but Im happy we can defend ourselves

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