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Thread: Dealing with Unwanted Visitors to Your House/Property

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I am in my house and, IMO, an obnoxious and uninvited person or group of people show up at my doorstep. I believe (kindly correct me if I am wrong) that when I answer the door with a visible firearm in my hand at my side, it is not brandishing. If it is not brandishing as I am standing in my home, can this also be the case outside on my property under a similar meeting with a person or people uninvited?
    in the end, it will be your word against a group of however many, who will be saying you were pointing it at their faces, their kids, and little puppies.

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    Between the two trained dogs (large), cameras, security system and living in Texas, posting the property can and will work, police will be called, anyone on my ranch or home property will be removed once peacefully. The no trespassing signs they have notified them already. With regard to possible questions about in another language, in order to become a US citizen you must be able to speak, read and write the English language and as far as ranch purple paint on fence post or trees work. Again they will only be ask to leave peacefully ONCE. As far as wearing a weapon or having one in my hand on my property no problem for me.

  4. Around here, once told to leave, the offender is guilty of criminal trespass if they linger. Honestly, if you know why those folks are there, just call the fuzz and let them disperse the group. I've met unknowns at my door with my gun in hand several times and don't feel a bit bad about it. I also don't hold it against a person for being cautious when answering the door when I visit their home. I am very careful how I approach and step well back from the door after knocking so the person can see me and my ID. I remove sunglasses and tilt my cap back so they have some assurance I'm not attempting to hide my identity.

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    Mobuck...not to be rude, you said
    Around here, once told to leave...
    where is "here"?

    Just asking...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    I once motioned for a guy to slow down as he flew down my little country road in his Benz. He stopped to argue. I was very nice and told him there's kids riding bikes on the road. He said he'd be back after he dropped-off his son. I advised him not to return. A short time later I was sitting on the porch steps tying my running shoes, about to head out for a run when he returned. He was a health club parakeet; you know, huge upper body and little spindly legs? Anyway, I again asked him to leave but this "Jersey Shore Wannabe" was pumped up. I simply pressed the garage door opener, letting out my GSD. He shrieked like a little girl. The dog held him quietly against his car until police arrived. I refused to file charges. The point was made.
    Just curious but what, exactly, did this accomplish? Do you think that this guy is out there somewhere today driving slower through neigborhood because you motioned to him? Or did you just hand him an excuse to get into your grill?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Guns aren't to intimidate or to make a point or to use as an enforcement tool.
    The hell they're not. I was fortunately able to draw my Commander, point it at the leader of a group of 6 bad guys, who was brandishing a 3' axe handle. When I pointed that Colt at him, I was hoping like hell that I was intimidating him, because he was 1 step from being shot. Happily, he had a change of plans at the last minute and no shot was required. That was me enforcing my desire to live another day.I was making my point as clearly as I could. Range was 10'-12'.
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    wow glad that turned out ok fudo
    whew dang one gotta do what one must do
    that's one way of telling those axe murderers to
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Just curious but what, exactly, did this accomplish? Do you think that this guy is out there somewhere today driving slower through neigborhood because you motioned to him? Or did you just hand him an excuse to get into your grill?
    Motioning to him was a better option than throwing a shovel in the road. Despite being an a$$ he's a local business owner with a repuation to protect. He doesn't need an arrest and all the publicity. Letting him go was the right thing to do. He drives slow on my road now. He'll NEVER come near me looking for trouble again. What he does elsewhere isn't my concern.

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    Open your front door and step out onto the front porch or stoop with your favourite open carry rig on your hip. Do not point to it. Do not let your hand go to it. Do not refer to it or mention it in anyway. As someone said before, give them one warning. "Disperse from my property and leave me in peace. This is your one and only warning. Any resistance or delay will result in the police being called to deal with your disturbance of the public peace." Go back inside and watch their antics on your video security system. If they're all gone in 3 minutes, call it even. If they're not gone in 180 seconds, follow through and call the cops. Do not open the door again until it is an officer. Answer the door with the same open carry rig, because you know the idjits will claim you threatened them with it. Let the cop see (but not disarm you) what they saw.
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