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    Interesting read

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    Good info in that article. Some common sense things to remember and certainly enforces the need to be prepared - mind, body, determination and have a survivors mindset!
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    Fairly good article but does not get to the real guts of preparedness. First off in my house it is just my wife and I and no one else (kids) in other parts of house so I am not looking to protect anyone who is between me and the BG. I lock my bedroom door and put a good size door stopper at the bottom. I have a cell phone (911) by my bed for LEO call, my car keys by my bed to activate car alarm and flashing headlights (noise helps and it all makes it easier in dark of night for LEO, if they even come in time). I have a very lethal semi auto behind my pillow attached to mattress and a shotgun with double 0 a few steps away. If a BG forcibly enters my home I am allowed at that time per SC law to kill him outright without any reason other than a legal presumption that his entry has the force of law in a definition of imminent threat of death or great bodily injury. I will not, I repeat, I will not leave my locked bedroom but I will set myself up in a position totally to my advantage and safety and wait. Everything in the house of value is itemized and insured and replaceable. I will not go out of bedroom to do battle against someone who may be better at this gun stuff than me. I am also insured but I am not replaceable. I will not have a flashlight or a laser or some other tactically useless item in my house and my bedroom--in the dark, I know where I am and where everything is and the BG does not. Flicking red dots and LED flashlights only alert the BG to my location and awareness. I will not rack the shotgun (it already has a shell in the chamber)--I will not tell the BG that I am in the bedroom and that I am armed with a shotgun. The idea that racking same will scare him sounds like Hollywood and not the real world. I will wait and hope LEOs arrive. If not and BG decides to try and defeat my bedroom lock and door stopper and does so, he will die. My only problem then is to call people to replace the door jam and the ruined carpet. This is my plan and I know exactly what I will be doing without hesitation, fear, or any "psychological problems" that seem to pop up so often on this forum. Again, if you have family members in other parts of house you have a more difficult situation that requires a lot more planning and practice not to mention critical thoughts about actually confronting a BG who could very well kill you.

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