Learning about the Law - The Ayoob Files
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Thread: Learning about the Law - The Ayoob Files

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    Learning about the Law - The Ayoob Files

    Hey folks, Luke granted my request to start this forum category. There's always much talk about tactics, terminal ballistics and which gun to use, and I think that discussion of Deadly Force Law often gets short shrift. I know we've already got forum members with knowledge and good legal sense, so let's pool our knowledge.

    One of the best resources I've found on Deadly Force Law is from Massad Ayoob, an ex-LEO, trainer, and columnist for American Handgunner. Some of you may have read his book "In the Gravest Extreme".

    I'm linking a few of his free articles that are linked at findarticles.com, that illustrate important aspects of the law. Enjoy, these are great and well-written stories.

    Ladies and Gents, without further ado, I give you The Ayoob Files:

    Wrong weapon: the Der/Kifer incident
    Situation: The intruder snarls, "I'm going to kill you." Believing you and your partner are going to be shot, you perform the indicated response. Next thing you know, you're on trial for Murder.

    Popping Bubblegum: a case study of the retreat requirement
    Situation: The rapist who threatened to kill you is reaching and your only defense is an illegal gun. You shoot and are convicted of Manslaughter.

    Furtive movement shooting: the Robert Bauthues case
    Situation: The man peering into your window is fully masked and dressed like a ninja. You confront him and he spins toward you with his hand rising as if to shoot.

    Sudden assault: the Plana/Ibarra shooting
    Situation: A landlord/tenant dispute turns deadly when the tenant discovers he's brought a club to a gunfight.

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    Thanks for those!

    I already read through the first one - gonna read all of them in the next day or so. Its pretty painful to to have to learn from your own mistakes (don't I know it) - when you have the opportunity learn from the mistakes of others, you're alot better off.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll need to go though those for sure. I may put them on my site so you don't have to deal with the popup ads.

  5. Thanks for the links. I always enjoy soaking up information and tips from Ayoob, whether in his books or on Personal Defense TV. These are full of more things to think about.
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    Thanks for the links. Ayoob is one of the best out there.

  7. These links are great! Do you know if there are more posted elsewhere?

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    Arrow Back by popular demand...

    Here's a few more.

    Near miss: the Andrew Patti incident
    Situation: A pair of thrill killers have measured you and your young son for coffins ... and they're armed with high-tech fighting knives.

    "F you and your high powered rifle!"
    Situation: A road-rage incident escalates into a deadly pursuit.

    The Ayoob files: when your gun jams in a firefight
    Situation: Someone is trying to kill you. You attempt to return fire, and your defensive weapon jams.

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    Thanks for the links!!!!
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  10. I am looking for info. on what states have the castle law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul View Post
    I am looking for info. on what states have the castle law.

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