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    Up until a few years ago, a license was not required to work as a bail agent in NJ. Now, one has to have a minimum of five years as LEO to be a bail agent, in order to qualify for the new license. If a bail agent wishes to be armed, they must apply separately for a carry permit. NJ pretty much only issues carry permits to former LEO's anyway, along with armored truck guards. A carry permit issued to a former LEO requires requalification and use of force class every six months.

    Bail agents do not have free reign. They will be held to answer for any crimes they commit during the course of their duties, just like any other civilian. It is in their best interests to stay within the law, as breaking the law could cause them to forfeit their bounty. They also face losing their liability insurance coverage. They are also not allowed to carry in places where civilians may not carry--they are not police officers. So courthouses, federal buildings, and other restricted areas make them vulnerabel to being arrested if they're armed.

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