shooting two blocks from where i was working man claimed self defense
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Thread: shooting two blocks from where i was working man claimed self defense

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    shooting two blocks from where i was working man claimed self defense

    i added a second more informative story to the first one.

    Man arrested in Norfolk Rite Aid shooting; accused victim of jumping ahead in line |

    On Thursday afternoon, there was a shooting at the Rite Aid in the 3600 block of Tidewater Drive at around 2:05. One person died and another was injured. Police have now identified the victim and they have made an arrest.

    The victim is identified as Ramon P. Colorado, Jr, of the 3000 block of Wake Circle,

    The suspect is identified as Bernell Duvall Benn, of the 8100 block of Ridgefield Drive. Benn was arrested and charged with murder and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony. He is being held without bond.

    Police say calls came in about two men who had gunshot wounds in the Rite Aid. The two men were located near the pharmacy counter inside the rear of the store.

    Police say Benn was talking on his phone when Colorado approached the counter and stood in line behind another customer. They say Benn then accused Colorado of jumping ahead in the line.

    The two then exchanged words and police say Colorado sprayed Benn with pepper spray.

    Police say Benn then took out a hand gun and approached Colorado. Police say Benn then fired at Colorado. Colorado then took out his gun and returned fire. Colorado then collapsed.

    Both men suffered gunshot wounds.

    Colorado was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Benn was treated and is now in custody.

    The suspect who has been accused of the shooting in a Norfolk Rite Aid says he was shooting in self-defense. “I have no doubt in my mind that it was self-defense....

    Bernell Benn said he was simply in line at a Rite Aid pharmacy Thursday afternoon to pick up his medicine.

    He was chatting on the phone with his mother when he noticed that a man had cut in front of him. What happened next at the store in the 3600 block of Tidewater Drive is in dispute. Benn, in a jailhouse interview, said he was defending himself when he fatally shot that man in a gunfight.

    "I came to the store just to get my medicine," said Benn, who was crying as he was led into the interview at Norfolk City Jail.

    But police say evidence warranted his arrest. Police charged Benn, 41, of the 8100 block of Ridgefield Drive, with second-degree murder and felonious use of a firearm in the killing of Ramon P. Colorado Jr.

    Colorado, 42, was a former Norfolk deputy sheriff and auxiliary deputy in Chesapeake who was known for his online persona "Norfolk Dirt."

    After he noticed another man had gotten in line in front him, Benn said he told the other man, "Excuse me, sir. I'm in line."

    After the man became hostile, Benn said, "I moved out of the way and let him have the spot."

    Benn said he continued talking to his mother when he was hit by pepper spray and heard the other man say, "I got more for you, bro."

    After both men had drawn weapons, Benn said, he asked Colorado to put his gun down.

    "I was scared for my life."

    He was shot in the back and showed bandages covering the wound. After shooting Colorado, Benn said, he kicked Colorado's gun away to stop him from retrieving it.

    Benn's statement is at odds with information released by police, who gave the following account: Benn accused Colorado of cutting in front of him and they began arguing just after 2 p.m. Colorado sprayed Benn with pepper spray. Benn then drew a handgun and approached Colorado, firing at him. Colorado drew a handgun, returned fire and collapsed.

    Each man was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with gunshot wounds. Colorado died at the hospital. Benn is being held without bond.

    Benn has a concealed handgun permit and has no criminal convictions, according to a 2009 renewal of his permit. Colorado had a concealed handgun permit in Norfolk, but a judge revoked it in September 2008 because of a voluntary commitment in Chesapeake, according to court records. Details about what prompted a Chesapeake judge to issue the commitment order were unavailable, and the District Court clerk's office said they are sealed.

    Colorado was a Norfolk deputy sheriff from April 1994 to May 1996, when he was terminated, said Paula Miller, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman. He later worked as an auxiliary deputy in Chesapeake. He was promoted to auxiliary sergeant in Chesapeake in 1998 and stayed with the office until 2008, according to a sheriff's spokesman and court records.

    Colorado was known in online communities under his Twitter and Facebook handle "Norfolk Dirt."

    Norfolk police arrested him on April 28 on an allegation that he was harassing a woman who coordinated an anti-sexual-assault rally called SlutWalk Norfolk. Colorado made a video of himself talking to women who participated in the march; the video, posted on YouTube, shows a Norfolk police officer telling him he is under arrest.

    The woman who filed the complaint, Jacqueline Roderick, a student at Eastern Virginia Medical School, printed copies of Facebook and Twitter postings by Colorado, who made vulgar sexual references to her and called her "sweety" and "slut queen," according to court records. She obtained an emergency protective order.

    He went to Norfolk District Court for a hearing June 28. Judge James Mathews allowed the charge to be dropped but only under the condition that Colorado post an apology hourly on his Norfolk Dirt Facebook page from 8 p.m. to midnight that day and from noon to 8 p.m. on June 29, according to court records.

    The apology was to include the phrase, "Upon reflection I recognize that I overstepped the bounds of civil debate."

    Colorado was a critic of the Norfolk City Council and used social media to share information about Norfolk and offer his own views.

    He posted the apology on Facebook and was aware that other people had a negative perception of him, said friend James Taylor of Chesapeake, who helped update the Facebook site.

    "I don't believe he would hurt anybody," Taylor said. "He just likes to talk and likes to get involved, and he just believed that the common man was getting put out by the big organizations."

    Colorado was married with children, Taylor said.

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    Sure sounds like more witnesses at the store have to be interviewed to really appreciate what actually happened. The stories are just all over the place. Sure sounds like this guy Colorado is not someone I would like.

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    the police have video of the event due to it being in front of pharmacy but they wont release it.the most likely story has been that benn was standing in line and was on the phone when he turned around(i believe that when standiing behind someone and you are on phone you feel like you are talking into the persons ear in front of you turn away) so while benn was turned colorado stepped in the space between him and the person ahead of benn is swearing he politely told colorado who was next.but colorado saw a threat and pepper sprayed benn and then benn drew his gun and shot but colorado was able to draw his gun and fire back.colorado was infamous for saying teachers should carry pepper spray.

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    Quote Originally Posted by recithree View Post
    Colorado had a concealed handgun permit in Norfolk, but a judge revoked it in September 2008 because of a voluntary commitment in Chesapeake, according to court records. Details about what prompted a Chesapeake judge to issue the commitment order were unavailable, and the District Court clerk's office said they are sealed.
    I'm confused. Was the commitment voluntary or the result of an involuntary commitment order? You can't be a little bit pregnant.

    It sounds like Benn was attacked first and defended himself well. Whether or not Colorado (the disgraced ex-cop) had control of his sidearm at the moment Benn delivered the coup d'grace is meaningless. Benn's lucky to have been able to shoot straight after getting pepper sprayed in the face. Based solely on this account, I call it a good shoot for Benn, and the Norfolk government are just standing up for their now deceased as well as disgraced former employee.
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    i would guess that the judge was watching out for a government employee by telling him that he could commit colorado against his will but would look better to voluntary commit himself.which is probably why info isnt available,because it would be pointless to commit yourself and everyone knew it was forced.(behind closed doors deal)

    another story with more details(not about the commitment) obtained from a jailhouse interview i cant find a streaming video of.

    Ramon Colorado (42) was shot for cutting in line at a Rite Aid -

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    Guess its where ones at at the time in Tn,it takes a life threatening situation ,not pepper spray or threats.
    Whoever pulled a gun first then created a life threatening situation.
    As for being disgraced he used his position or uniform in a political movement,to which he video taped it was still on the force as of 2008.
    One could question that logic,as im sure the judge did,strong convictions and a rep of le.
    If its video taped as inside the store or at storefront,that will show whats necessary.Regardless of someone cutting in or not not a gunfight needed.
    Oddly one goes to his web page he was a minorty rights advocate.Shot by a black man who was paying more att to his cell phone than surroundings.
    Now heres the surprise cell phones kill more people than guns,or are the cause of it.
    Yes own one pull off the road to answer,let it vibrate when indoors ,call them back as I think its rude to answer and talk while in a line or in others peoples area of space.Should be illegal nationwide to talk and drive,most cant do more than one thing at a time.
    Just my 2 cents- now let the le followthru with investigation and the chips fall where they may.

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    I did not RTFA - mostly due to being tired of reading bad information from "news outlets" - and just seeing whats been said so far seems to indicate the person who died, got shot for committing an assault. and doing so in alleged threatening manner.

    Not sure what others noticed but what I do know - being pepper sprayed first is a form of assault if done for no valid reason, And if I was sprayed in face by pepper spray, I would assume a threat is already present - since being blinded/debilitated by pepper spray could lead to further harm if I didn't show I could defend myself. (obligatory reference to criminals prefer weak/unarmed people)

    If no warning was given, and he was just sprayed, Id say bad form for guy who did the spraying - since it was an argument up until the assault. After the assault - its up to Jury to decide if it was against the law to shoot - Myself, well id vote clean shoot - since **** happens and never know when simple comments can turn "jo pedestrian" into crazed idiot bent on hurting you.

    case in point of "random idiots" while walking the isle of a store, I had 3 idiots following me and calling me names, 1 of which was egging the other 2 on to "do something" to him (him being me) - at the time I wasn't carrying a firearm (hadnt renewed my CPL), but did have a baton - I felt my short hairs of neck going up, so I flicked my wrist to extend the baton - behind me I heard all three stop short and one asked "was that a knife?" - then some hasty feet moving away. only downside now is - I find the baton being illegal and cant have "options" in my defense of self plans. so in similar situation, id probably have to either 1) hope for best that they dont "do something" - 2) turn and face them, to inform them of my intentions to protect myself from them.

    So until there is video evidence/ (reliable) witness statements otherwise - clean shoot.

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    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    there is now a video of the would of helped alot.

    Jury unable to reach verdict in case against man accused in deadly Rite Aid shooting |

    Norfolk, Va. – A jury could not reach a verdict in the case of Burnell Benn Thursday, resulting in a mistrial.

    Benn is accused of killing Ramon Colorado inside Rite Aid on Tidewater Drive back in August of 2012.

    After four days of evidence and deliberations, the jury told the Court they were split on the decision.

    Compelling surveillance video was among the evidence jurors saw.

    NewsChannel 3 got a copy of the video. It starts with Benn waiting in line at Rite Aid. You can see he is talking on the phone the entire time. That is when Colorado walks up. He did not notice Benn in line and that starts an argument which continues for several minutes.

    The video shows Colorado pulls out his pepper spray and goes for Benn three times.

    The video matches the story Benn told NewChannel 3 from jail two years ago.

    “He come from behind me, and took his hand and sprayed me in the side of my eye,” Benn told our cameras back in 2012.

    After the pepper spraying, both men take off down the aisle and step away from the camera. What happens next is hard to tell even from the video.

    Both men had guns on them. Benn claims Colorado shot first, hitting him in the shoulder.

    Prosecutors say Benn is the one that is guilty of voluntary manslaughter and that they will be scheduling a new trial.

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    His arrest was totally racially motivated. At least his prosecution was, because the video shows enough of an assault to justify Benn using defensive deadly force all by itself. The fact that Colorado had a gun and Benn had a gunshot wound only buttresses his story, but it isn't necessary to conclude that it was a justified defensive shooting. I'd sure like to know what evidence the cops and prosecutors thought was strong enough to charge him after seeing the initial assault, being blinded and having his breathing impaired by the pepper spray in the process. The video validates his story about every detail except for who shot first, but is it reasonable to believe that Benn told the truth about everything except for that one detail? Did he really have time to make up a story while he's probably in shock from both the wound and having just had to shoot somebody?

    This really reeks of scapegoating the black guy. They must think they have something on him I guess. The report did say the DA plans on re-trying the case, but it sure isn't evident why from the video.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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