Community rallies behind homeowner arrested for shooting at burglar.
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Thread: Community rallies behind homeowner arrested for shooting at burglar.

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    Arrow Community rallies behind homeowner arrested for shooting at burglar.

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    I don't think the rally will help. It's hard to justify it when they were leaving. Most states laws say there has to be a threat and even though they are scumbags i think it would be hard to argue they were a threat at the time he shot.

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    He screwed up. Now he has to live with that bad decision.

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    Inside your house, no question. Outside your house or car you better be in fear for your life. But I do understand shooting them. I have no use for a burglar

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    Ok I would not shoot them going away, if dogs want to chase not my problem they let them out by opening door that says bad dogs and no trespassing. Sucks to be them.

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    I don't think the issue is so much that he shot at fleeing burglars but rather by doing so he recklessly put others at risk of harm.

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    No reason I can think of to fire at them other than in anger, possibly. In no way was he defending himself.
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    There was no more threat. He should have kept it in his pants.

  10. Protecting your life and property needs to be tempered with a little common sense, like firing a gun in a residential area vs. rural, chances of hitting a moving object, and if the thieves/threat is standing their ground or fleeing.
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    Everything depends on the law in Utah. Evidently he was in violation. The direction towards where he shot may have been toward an uninhabited area, but he didn't know if someone was out there just going for a walk. It appears he made one bad decision, and now is going to have to suffer through the consequences of his action.
    This situation may be a warning to all of us who carry... Use Extreme Caution. No threat to life. No shooting.
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