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Ayoob STARTED all this bs, because he was part owner of CorBon ammo company, and he recommended cor bon ammo.
Oh my God! Is that urban legend still circulating?
Prior to him making a big deal of it in his books and magazine articles, it was never even considered as part of a criminal or civil case. I cant even come close to the effectiveness of my handloads for a pocket 9, using commercial ammo. So I will continue to use them.
Actually his mentions in the books and articles were ABOUT the criminal cases where handloads had played a part, so yes, they had already been a factor. He also hasn't been the only one to mention such cases.
We need a little reality check here folks. No one has suggested using weak ammo or being afraid to carry, as some of the more ridiculous statements here have suggested. You don't put your life in danger by fearing what a court may do to you afterwards, but you don't endanger your own life by ignoring that court either. Only a fool would believe a self defense shooting ends when you've pulled the trigger and the bad guy goes down. That's only the tip of the iceberg. Life as you know it is almost certainly going to be very different for some time. If the circumstances surrounding the shooting are questioned, life is going to be different for a very long time, even if you are eventually found to be innocent of all charges. If you're found guilty, well, life will obviously never be the same. Even those who survive a court challenge usually never recover from the financial burden it places on them, not to mention the stress involved. Any thinking person has to weigh the factors on both sides, consider the risks involved and make their own decision. But to bury you head in the sand and claim that no such risk exists or to dismiss all risks solely because you may think your handloads are the greatest thing since sliced bread would place you firmly in the idiot category. You may choose to go with zombie ammo or handloads after weighing all the pertinent factors, and that's certainly your choice, but don't make the choice without considering the factors at all.