Armed Craigslist Robber ~shot dead~ by 'victim' with CHL
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Thread: Armed Craigslist Robber ~shot dead~ by 'victim' with CHL

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    Thumbs up Armed Craigslist Robber ~shot dead~ by 'victim' with CHL

    FORT WORTH, Texas - A would-be robber was shot dead by a person with a concealed handgun license outside a Metro PCS store in the 7400 block of Wichita St. in Ft. Worth on Tuesday afternoon.

    Investigators say Desmond Paige, 20, tried to rob a man using Craigslist. The would-be victim brought his gun to the sale just in case.

    The man with the CHL was shot in the arm and the hand by the robber, but Paige was shot multiple times in the chest.

    Paige died at the scene.

    "When I got over to him I saw that he was bleeding out of his mouth and his chest. So I kneeled down next to him just to say you know hey I'm here you know, hold on. The ambulance and police are coming," said one witness.

    Paige claimed on Cragslist he had a cell phone to sell. Police said when Paige tried to rob the man, the man pulled his gun and shot Paige several times.

    Paige was recently released from prison after serving time for a violent crime and was on parole.

    Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Ft. Worth store - Dallas News |

    All I can say is this......."OoRah"! =-)
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    But he was, "Such a GOOD boy!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by vernsimpson View Post
    But he was, "Such a GOOD boy!"
    I always wonder what type of people can get in front of a camera right after their murderous/criminal son just died in a shoot out. Some people just have no shame.

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    Ban cellphones!

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    Clearly CraigsList is at fault here. Obama should cut an ExO banning it.
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    I'm glad it turned out well for the CHL holder. Also glad the perp met justice.

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    Shoot! Just as he was turning his life around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    Shoot! Just as he was turning his life around.
    He got his turned around real fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddhaKat View Post
    Clearly CraigsList is at fault here. Obama should cut an ExO banning it.
    I concur! It's all Craig's fault and he should be punished with extreme prejudice! :p
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    I wonder what he really said to the perp as he knelt down beside him? I would not have been telling him to hang on....
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