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Thread: When is it legal to shoot an attacking animal?

  1. About the only time you can really feel safe in shooting dog is when it has your leg in its mouth. Even then there are possible problems.
    Being sued by the owner etc.
    No matter what you do there will be a different answer for each incident.
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  3. In Nevada you must be able to articulate "reasonable fear of great bodily harm".

    In law, the "reasonable" part implies that the "common man" would have reached the same conclusion! ;)

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    When you live in the country, you can plot off some land for a Pet Cemetary.
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    Here is the law in TN.

    T.C.A. 39-14-205(b)

    39-14-205. Intentional killing of animal.
    (b) A person is justified in killing the animal of another if the person acted under a reasonable belief that the animal was creating an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury to that person or another or an imminent danger of death to an animal owned by that person. A person is not justified in killing the animal of another if at the time of the killing the person is trespassing upon the property of the owner of the animal. The justification for killing the animal of another authorized by this subsection (b) shall not apply to a person who, while engaging in or attempting to escape from criminal conduct, kills a police dog that is acting in its official capacity. In that case the provisions of subsection (a) shall apply to the person.
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    Under California Penal Code 198, yes you can defend yourself against animals.

    People V. Lee (2005)
    B175279 (Los Angeles County Superior Court No. KA 060273)
    California Court of Appeals, Second Appellate District, Division Eight.
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  7. Even while hunting deer ,if attacked by bear or big cat or gator you better have teeth marks to prove it. Do not kill a rattle snake even if it bites you. The are endangered your not.

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    If I believe that serious harm will come to me or mine if I don't do something... I'll do something.

    If I'm out in the woods, it won't get reported... if I'm in a 'public' place, or my own property, I'll treat is exactly as any attack upon my person and call the police to take the report and possibly file negligence and endangerment charges against the owner.


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    Even without having looked at the deadly force laws in most states, I'm willing to bet that the deadly force laws in a majority of states make no distinction between using deadly force on a human or animal. Most simply state that if the person reasonably believes that their life is in danger, then deadly force may legally be employed, whether that danger is coming from a person or animal. Furthermore, contrary to what kwo51 says, I would not wait for an animal to bite, scratch, or jump on me before employing deadly force. Even if the animal lives, is he going to testify against me?:D

  10. I can not agree with you more tattedupboy. My way will cost less in court ,but more in hospital.

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