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Thread: Close Encounter With a (Likely Not) Justified Shooting

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    I would not shoot either.

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    I wouldn't have been shooting, either, but if he gets his story right, he might be able to convince the authorities or jury that he was defending the life of the motorist who was carjacked. Just sayin'...
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    As a civilian he was most likely in the wrong, but as a cop....he committed the equivalent of armed robbery, seeing how he had mace. That is a felony. He was being actively pursued and tried to carjack a car, another felony. A cop probably could have done the same and been fine.

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    Walking on lots of very thin gray lines here I think.

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    He couldn't see the pepper spray. He thought the guy was carjacking the lady at gunpoint and was only attempting to save her life. At least that's the story he should stick to anyway. :-)
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    I don't think I would be shooting either. But, the article suggest the BG had just probably committed two felonies. (aggravated assault w/battery and grand larceny)

    It then also appears he went outside and assaulted an innocent bystander and attempt a carjacking. (Both would most likely bring further felony charges.)

    I don't know what AZ law says about defending others or using a firearm to stop a criminal in the act of committing a violent felony crime. But, as long as the GG shooter didn't harm anyone he'll probably be ok. Let's hope he learned a few lessons in this and won't take such risks again.

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