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Thread: Would you have pulled/used your sidearm in this situation?

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    I did not read all the post's and I see this was in England so the probability of the guy under attack did not have a gun, going on what the video shows for me, when the windshield got hit would have been the last he ever hit, ...............something to think about... what if that guy have been on a motorcycle? he most likely would have been road kill......which is a primary reason we got our CCW permits
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    An complex situation, given that the car affords physical protection and ability to retreat, which the driver still had while in the presence of the attacker. However both of those two things came close to failing, which is where I think answers tend to vary per person and per state. Either the attacker was a fool or extremely manipulative to have replaced his physical advantage of having a vehicle, with a psychological advantage of instilling fear without the vehicle. I would have had my firearm ready, but getting sideswiped and rear-ended could very easily knock the weapon out of reach from an unholstered position. The dashboard camera could very well be the "secret weapon" here. It's given me thought to consider a purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danfordman View Post
    I would've been ready to shoot if a weapon was brandished from the attacker. I would not have shot him though, not in this situation shown by dash cam.
    A weapon was brandished from the attacker, that weapon was the attackers very wrecklessly driven vehicle.
    The video clearly shows that many innocent bystanders were also endangered by this nutjobs vehicle as well.

    Also, if clenched fists (another deadly weapon) can smash a windshield in, they can easily smash someone skull in as well.
    If someone tried smashing my skull in, I would probably be forced to utilize deadly force imvho.
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    Believe we just had a soccer referee killed by a fist of a 17 year old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    While I'm absolutely with you, (I would have ran him down in a heart beat after smashing my windshield), you better hope you had a dash cam like this guy because I think this case would be extremely difficult to articulate in court.
    Articulate in court? How about the continuous conversations with 911 and the obvious fear the guy in the car is going through trying to avoid this crazy truck road rager. Quite frankly, the last thing I would be worrying about is how I can articulate this in court---I am going to protect myself from this maniac any way I can and if that is with my car or with a bullet in the chest as he pounds on my windshield so be it. To paraphrase the old saying--"I would rather be judged by 6 instead of being carried in a coffin by 6". If I presume imminent danger all bets are off as to how I will behave---I will do anything to stop the threat and if that means he dies--tough--I really could not care less, as long as I am alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverkilt View Post
    For sure I would have pulled on the guy when he was charging, gotten out of the car, used the door as a shield and drawn down on him.
    Except the driver can still back through your door, and you, and while you're dealing with the attacker outside of the vehicle. In this case, the driver was at least as aggressive as the man who got out and attacked, so I wouldn't leave the vehicle unless disabled and needing to flee.

    As to how I would react, the evidence from the dash cam may be compelling for a justifiable self defense shooting but taking another life while I'm in a vehicle and not in immediate threat of loss of life or grave harm, I'm not shooting. Hard to say at what point I may have made a decision to ready my weapon or at least have it holstered and immediately ready.

    In this case, I can not see myself pulling the trigger until the vehicle was disabled and a window breached AND any physical contact made that I would feel put me in jeopardy of grave harm. A reach-in and a punch to the arm or tugging on clothing would have me ready to draw but not ready to fire.

    Anything beyond the above, I believe would put me in mindset to end the assault on my terms, but in a dynamic situation a person will not know until it is hindsight. $.02

    And then I didn't completely read the poll and hit undecided. Scratch one from undecided and add one 'YES'. I know I could have pulled a weapon when called for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    To paraphrase the old saying--"I would rather be judged by 6 instead of being carried in a coffin by 6".
    I think you mean "judged by 12".

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

  9. They were using their car as a weapon so I would but I would try not to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    To paraphrase the old saying--"I would rather be judged by 6 instead of being carried in a coffin by 6".
    I think you mean "judged by 12".

    Sent from behind enemy lines.
    Damn..beat me to it.

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    At the point of him getting on the car I think I would have shot him. Until then I think I would have done about the same. I would not have stopped to chat that is for sure. This guy is clearly nuts and my thoughts would have been if I stop we are going to fight, this could be the end of me, so off to the police I go. I give the victim credit here, he did better than a lot of people probably would have. I don't consider myself a tough guy but am tough enough.....no way would I have confronted this nut job. The really scary thing is here in the US the guy driving would probably be sued for breaking the guys hand and using his car to injure him.

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