Would you have pulled/used your sidearm in this situation?

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Thread: Would you have pulled/used your sidearm in this situation?

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    Question Would you have pulled/used your sidearm in this situation?

    A very bad case of road rage imho.

    What say you?
    Would you have pulled/used your firearm in this situation?
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    The guy seem to be insane--- What ever happened, the guy had 'much' time to calm down.
    The driver did everthing he could to 'not' use deadly force.
    Ken did the right thing------------head for the police station.
    Ken wins the count case !!
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    Everytime I see one of these videos I always think its a good time to put my dash cam back on my car.
    I probably would have pulled (but tried not to use) on him or run him over when he jumped on the hood...

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    I'm glad here in AZ, we now have the right to draw our weapon on order to dissipate a violent circumstance. In this case though, I still wouldn't have used my gun due to the fact that I (he) was able to retreat (Even though we are not obligated to do so). If he had, in fact broken down on the side of the road, he then would have no other choice but to use deadly force to protect himself.

  6. It's in Australia. Are they allowed to have "defensive" firearms in their vehicles?

    If the same situation happened to me I would pull my gun, especially after I took off and he came after me.

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    That driver was not only a threat to the man, but to every other person driving that day!
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  8. I would have considered it an attack with a deadly weapon the first time he ran into my vehicle. If he managed to get me stopped and I had no other choice, I would have defended myself, with no hesitation.

    I hope the driver of the truck is charged with attempted murder, along with all the other moving violations.

    The attacked driver did try to retreat, numerous times, but was pursued by his crazed attacker. After retreat was unsuccessful, I certainly would have been in fear of my life when stopped and confronted like that. If he was able to break-out the windshield, and gain access to the cabin, lethal force would be justified.

    An absolutely incredible dash-cam video!

  9. I feel as though he did the right thing in doing everything he possibly could to avoid the angry driver. With that said, if I/he were put in a position where I/he could not escape, then I would not hesitate drawing my weapon and using it if the attacker did not retreat.

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    From what I saw on the video I would have pulled my gun. But imagine if the other guy had a gun. From the moron's actions he should never be allowed to ever be near any firearm!

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    I THINK I would have used it when he broke the windshield. With that being said, no one really knows what they will do until they are in the situation themselves. I WOULD have had mine out though. If I broke down and had no choice but to get out of the car rather than being trapped, my choices for survival would be severely limited and this guy would lose. In retrospect, the best choice was to drive to a police station (and avoid the liability and trauma of UOF) but it would have been better if the driver had a way to protect himself.

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