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    Thanks for the extra info, dogshawred. I will contact Ohio AG and pose a question about this.

  3. the HOA could have LOST that suit, too, and incurred much more damage than 1 million $. It does send the wrong message, tho, that much is correct. People should move out of repressive states and deny the tyrants and the parasites the funding provided by their taxes.

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    Press and T's lawyers still post the innocent child photos. Zimmerman should have walked. Screw the race ass holes.

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    The bad news: There is always a jerk atty waiting to make a buck regardless of right or wrong. More bad news: even if you win the court costs will bury you. The good news: I can't conceive of a jury that would find in favor of the crooks wife on those grounds. 2 bads, 1 good. Hope he can raise the money to defend himself.
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    I wanted to update everyone on this. I contacted the Ohio AG's office about the inconsistency dogshawred and I discussed here and they told me there are still certain instances where a CCW could still be held liable for civil cases in Ohio. Long story short, if you have any question about this, talk to an attorney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConcealCincinnati View Post
    They haven't determined whether Zimmerman's use of deadly force was justified. If they determine it was, civil suit can't be brought against him.
    Oh come on. It was justified. The only reason he was arrested is because the low intelligence retards screamed racism when they assumed hat Zimmerman was white, when in fact, he is actually latino.

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