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Thread: We USA CARRY supporters should be paying special attention to the Zimmerman trial..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post
    Howdy kerb,

    Actually, just the opposite is true.

    The recording of the dispatcher telling George not to follow Martin has been all over a thing called the Internet. It was invented by Al Gore. There's also a great invention called google. If you use the 'Net and to to google you will be able to find the call that George made to the police where the dispatcher told George you don't need to do that in responce to George's reply that he was following the "suspect".

    You have lost all credibility.


    Right. Fast forward 1 second and what was George's reply?

    And by all accounts he started back to his vehicle.

    This is why I don't find you credible, nor would anyone who has been following along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post

    Another thing to remember about this incident is that all the cops that responded to the incident all knew George to some degree or another.

    They had never seen Martin before.

    Also, they waited days, weeks and even months before they talked to some of the witnesses, like Martin friend-girl.

    Also phone records, which have been presented in court as evidenc clearly shows that Martin was talking to the girl while George was talking to the dispatcher and that he also talked to his Dad's girlfriend's son during this time as well.

    Martin's Dad's girlfriend's son testified that Martin said that someone was following him and that he was scared.


    P.S. Why did Martin do what he did instead of calling 9-1-1?

    Simple, he was a stupid kid.
    The STUPID!!!!!
    It BURNS!!!!!

    Not implying the kid :p
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