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Thread: NC and elsewhere---brandishing.

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    Wear your weapon openly on your hip. Stand in such a way that even a deaf dumb and blind man can see you are armed. It does not have to be brandished in order for a smart dude to understand that your firearm may speak louder than any threat they may present. The pistol isn't meant to intimidate but simply explains the balance of power. Therefore most malcontents will know their position in life without you having to lift a finger or utter a threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYwill15 View Post
    The purpose of carrying concealed is so nobody knows your armed. The problem with open carry is that if you go anywhere like a store, the management can ask you to leave if they don't like the idea of your walking around with a firearm. You would need to leave if asked to do so. Whereas if you were concealed, they wouldn't know. And without a sign, you'd be fine.
    I've yet to been asked to leave any place I OC in here in NC. As for CC, they never see it and just don't know.......
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    Exactly, my wife has to ask if I am carrying, as I have to ask her. Concealed is concealed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    Exactly, my wife has to ask if I am carrying, as I have to ask her. Concealed is concealed.
    You guys shouldn't have to ask. You should just know each other are ALWAYS carrying. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    You guys shouldn't have to ask. You should just know each other are ALWAYS carrying. ;)
    Why? I like to search my wife!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    "your honor, I feared for my life, so I drew my weapon. I am not a violent person and did not point my weapon at the BG because I did not want to provoke violence. I was hoping that by displaying that I was not victim material, it would dissuade the BG from further action." Then:
    Option A - "As a result of my actions, the BG did in fact retreat; and no longer feeling my life was in jeopardy I re-holstered my weapon and left the area" OR:
    Option B - "Unfortunately, the BG continued to approach me in a violent manner and I was forced to defend myself".
    You might get taken to court, but being able to articulate what you were thinking will effect the verdict. Zimmerman almost shot himself in the foot on Hannity when he was inarticulate (the "skipping" comment), and that may still bite him in the a$$ in a civil suit or civil rights case.
    VERY good wording, if you ever found yourself in that situation. It's all about thw wording. Self defense insurance is always a good idea. Even if your cleared of criminal charges the civil stuff can destroy you.

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