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    First, we have seen that the Florida legislature stood up to pressure to dismantle SYG.

    We should not assume, however, that that was the end of it.

    We have an election coming up next November. There will be a full-court press to try to elect officials who will commit to dismantling SYG - in Florida and beyond.

    This fight is just getting started - again.
    This is exactly right. The progressive-statist movement will bring it up over, and over, and over, and is an ideological thing for them.

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    First, you'd need to work on your situational awareness.. big time.
    second, I'd position myself defensively so I had the best advantage I could get when things did go south, and I'd have a plan in mind for how to address the aggressors. My gun wouldn't be the first thing I reached for, most likely at that range. I'd probably have to clear at least one of them to give me time to draw and fire. A lot of it really depends on the exact setting. Is my car alone? am I between two cars? Are there other people around, so if I yell for help, I'll draw desired attention that might dissuade the thugs from aggression? Too many variables.
    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
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  4. No. Just No

  5. I personally do not feel that every confrontation with somebody carrying needs to end with either somebody getting shot or having a pistol pointed at them. I carry every day but my pistol is for life threatening situations. I am not out looking for somebody to shoot and would much rather have to use my fists than have to shoot them. This law will force you to make it known that you are carrying. In some cases this may be enough to diffuse a situation but i feel that in other cases it will force people to use your gun or risk having it taken from you and used against you. There are many situations where you can be considered the aggressor where you are actually in the right. Example: I am at the store with my 12 year old daughter and she strays away from me a short distance. I walk into the next aisle and find a 40 year old man trying have a conversation with her. He will be met with stern words from me and depending on the content of his conversation may receive a punch in the nose. My first instinct would not be to shoot this man but you better believe that i will be very forceful when confronting this situation. Pass this law and I will be forced (as the aggressor) to tell him that i have a gun. Some people may walk away, but i personally know others who would take this as a challenge and i would not be the least bit surprised if they press the attack themselves.

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    I'll give you Trayvons rule, had you not been a thug and walked away you would be alive today. So long ass hole.

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    No sympathy here for Saint Skittles. He got what he had coming.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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