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    Did this originate with Sharpton/Jackson, Bloomberg's MAIG, and by the way New York City's own village idiot is now announcing his campaign to end "Stand your ground" laws in Florida and everywhere else, or our own favorite the DOJ? If I am confronted by a knife or pipe wielding "kid" in Florida, I would have to say "Now wait a minute there, you might want to reconsider, because I have a gun." Just asking here, but what color is the sky in their world?

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    The more I think about that so called rule, the less sense it makes, not that it made much sense to begin with. It doesn't take much imagination to think through a scenario where this "rule" would do nothing other than make the victim a criminal. If you look out the window and see somebody breaking into your car, you would have to call 911 and let them get away because if you go out to stop them, you have initiated the confrontation.

    What ever it takes to protect the freeloading criminal class I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerb View Post
    Apparently they aren't well educated enough to look at the evidence in Trayvon's case.

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    They are educated alright, just not with facts but with rhetoric of being the perpetual victim.
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  5. Exactly what I was thinking! 4opencarry

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    the rub is in the details, what level of ejumacation do these 1 million black men have?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jfjfxray View Post
    Sounded good until I saw the must inform of carrying part
    Well let's think about this for a second. You must inform the guy you are about to shoot and potentially kill that you have a gun. In most cases, there are only 2 witness, you and the other guy. If the other guy is going to wind up dead, then "yes officer, I told him I had a gun."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezkl2230 View Post
    There is a new initiative just getting going to pass "Trayvon's Rule" in the Florida legislature. Just a heads-up for those living in Florida, in particular.

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    1 million black men want me to tell them I have a weapon...

    ... so 1 million black men can "fear" me...

    ... and then because 1 million black men "fear" me...

    ... 1 million black men are justified in attacking me because ...

    ... it is my fault they "fear" me...

    Who the hell thinks up this fecal matter?

    And what level of low self esteem is necessary to use the word "educated" in hopes of adding credibility to that fecal matter?

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    So...the old fart who tried to act up on me in the grocery store is going to react well when I look his shriveled old ass in the eye and say "The law requires that I warn you that I am armed"? I think this meets the legal definition of assault; threat of bodily harm and the means to do so.
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    So where is the link to this "rule" being considered. Or is someone stirring the pot?

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    So my response is... any legislator that DOES support such a stupid concept will loose the voting support of every 2A supporting, gun owning, CCW person in the state. Influence from out side the state doesn't matter, every State Rep nee to remember that.
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