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As you say Outlaw, this garbage in the whitehouse is a racist among other disgusting things. Does not even want to understand that he is the prez OF THE US and not just of blacks, but of dems, of moslems, of terrorists, of illegals, of socialists, of anarchists--of everything that this country is not. He is also a narcissist who truly kisses the mirror each morning and tells himself how lucky we all are that he is in charge. He has a wife that dresses like a street walker and boy do they know how to go on vacation and spend OUR money. If you go on the premise that his aim is, as he once said, to fundamentally change this country and extend that to mean the destruction of the current country, every single thing this piece of garbage does makes absolute sense--my real rub, understanding that this is what he is, is the fact that supposedly intelligent and patriotic dems in congress just go lockstep with this road to ruin without a whimper or a comment. The system is truly broken--once he gets that one more SCOTUS vote, he will have the trifecta that surely will destroy this country. Do not think for a moment that the repubs are that much better--they got there perfect congressional jobs and benefits and sure as hell do little to yell and scream and rant and rave about this maniac in the whitehouse. McCain and Graham are absolute idiots (can't wait to vote against Graham here in SC--republican?-are you kidding me?). All I can do is vote and have my house plan for defense and hope for the best--I am 71 so my destiny is pretty well set, but when I look at my 7 year old granddaughter and 14 year old grandson, I get angry--that is why I do not watch the news on TV---if I did, I would go stark raving mad and just hope someone shoves my front door in so I can "show" them how angry I really am.
I can completely understand your frustration's.
Like you, I also worry about my families future and pray about it daily.
I'm also thinking that I should stop watching the news too, it's not good for my health.