Another Thug Bite's The Dust
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    Violent serial rapist & racist scumbag meet's his end.
    May he rot in Hell where the worm never dies & there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Suspect accused of multiple sexual assaults killed by police | Fox News

    I'll bet my mortgage that he was just another racist thug who wanted to get back at all of us 'white devil's'.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish imho.
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    That saved the people a lot of money. Good riddance.

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    Finally. One down, 500,000 to go.

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    Should happen to all rapist and child molesters.

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    Amen Amen
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    Putting all the name calling aside, one single glaring fact confirms police action against him. This man was out of control and needed to be stopped, period. Doesn't seem questionable that he wasn't the one responsible with evidence that has been gathered to this point and the police did what they need to do to identify him in order to stop him.
    An unstable person in possession of a firearm willing to cause mayhem and carnage without a moments thought to the victims. These are the one who need stopped abruptly and without prejudice.
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