Jesse Jackson challenges Georgia's SYG law: SYG Unconstitutional?!
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Thread: Jesse Jackson challenges Georgia's SYG law: SYG Unconstitutional?!

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    Jesse Jackson challenges Georgia's SYG law: SYG Unconstitutional?!

    Jackson has filed suit against Georgia to undo its SYG law; he believes the law is unconstitutional.

    More specifically, the lawsuit argues that the statute as currently written is vague and leads to interpretations of the law that unfairly and unevenly target African Americans.

    “This new right allows individuals to respond to what they believe to be a threat with deadly force even where no deadly threat existed without the need to first attempt to escape,” the lawsuit stated. “The act does not define what actions, circumstances or conditions would constitute a ‘reasonable’ fear needed to trigger the use of deadly force.”
    I'm still trying to figure out the "unconstitutional" part.

    Of course, Bloomberg had to have his two cents' worth, too:

    “Last year, I joined a broad coalition of civic leaders to shine a light on the impact of ‘shoot-first’ laws and work to eliminate them, in Florida and wherever they have been passed,” said Bloomberg in July. “We will continue that work – and the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed child attempting to walk home from the store, will continue to drive our efforts.”
    TM was a "CHILD?!" As has been pointed out so many times now, TM was the one with the duty to retreat if such a requirement had existed - HE was the one who supposedly felt threatened by Zimmerman. Instead, he chose to stand his ground. Yeah, I know - he launched the attack, but if you take the prosecution's arguments to their LOGICAL conclusion, instead of the twisted argument they tried to make, then TM was the one with the duty to retreat. And yes, I also know that SYG was never at issue, but the antis continue to try to make it the issue. If we let them frame the debate, they will win the debate.

    Jesse Jackson leads effort to challenge Georgia's 'Stand Your Ground' law (VIDEO)

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    If someone invades my home attempting to rob me, are they violating my fourth amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure?

    Jackson is a nutjob, just like his partner Al Sharpton.
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    Show me in the constitution, anywhere, it says I have to retreat, while I will attempt to avoid violent confrontation, if you are entering my home without permission or assaulting myself or my family anywhere, I will attempt to move away from the situation, if you continue to be aggressive and not walk away, you will not be able to walk away. Be kind an considerate of your fellow man and so will I.

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    The fact is he is just pissed about the Zimmerman Case outcome. He & Sharpton have so many skeletons in their closets & are Blatant Racists people need to just tell them to shut up and go home.

  6. The shyster should be behind bars with his worthless son. Call yourself a preacher like him and that other phoney sharpton and take all the tax break advantages the title offers, pretty good scam those fakes have going.
    How do you brainwash a liberal? Simple, give him an enema.

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    The only difference between a state having a SYG law and not, is that it makes the state's job to prove the case a little more difficult in state with the SYG law. Overall, arguing and proving self-defense is virtually the same in either situation for the defendant.

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    what standing does this racist/felon/shake down artist have to be challenging a law in GA?

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    Jackson is free to retreat, after all he has armed body guards, and I bet their orders from Jackson don't include retreat, just don't leave stains on the marble floors.
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    That prick needs a bullet.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    I know, I know,----I'm white and own firearms and believed in the right to defend myself,I must be a racist.

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