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Thread: Pizza Delivery Man Kills Would Be Robber

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    I think that carrying a gun should be required of a pizza delivery job and it should be publicized. Maybe if the BG know that the delivery guys are armed they will think twice about trying to rob them. The idea is just give them the money and there will not be any problems is fine but doesn't work in real life.
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    Agreed. Carrying should be allowed. However, IMO publicizing them as being armed could cause an armed BG to shoot first. Just something to think about.
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    +1 For Carry.

    I do think the delivery guys should carry, I know I would if I had that job, but probably not advertize it. Otherwise the BG's, can always call a pizza place to have them deliver and come away with a weapon by having some sort of an ambush set up. Then, who knows where that gun can end up at.
    I understand that view completely anbd when I say advertise it I don't mean include it in the commercials or anything but just sort of let it be known. The average delivery robber looks it as a quick job with little danger as the delivery man is supposed to be unarmed. If someone has the option of robbing a 7-11 where the clerk is armed with a gun vs. one where they know the clerk may have a baseball bat at maximum then they are going to take the easier route, However some can't think that far ahead.

    However with all our expectations if you watch a few of the security camera videos of actual robberies you start to get the feeling that the average criminal can't even think and have no idea of what they are doing. There is usually very little planning or thought in their robbery and nothing that anyone does is right, especially those on drugs. They demand the money and even when the clerk is trying to get the cash register open they still shoot or try to climb over the counter to get to it.

    I suppose we all just give the average criminal too much credit for being able to think. If they call a deliery man planning to rob him knowing he has a gun I suspect that they are going to kill him no matter what. His only hope may be to shoot first. If crooks were rational they wouldn't need to be crooks.

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    Pizza delivery man shoots thug

    This is the second story I've heard about Pizza Hut in the last year firing a delivery person for defending himself with a legally carried weapon. The first one was in Des Moines, Iowa close to a year ago. I wrote to Pizza Hut at that time and informed them that they had lost at least one good customer for life because of that. I have relayed that same information to several people I know and they have also stopped buying from Pizza Hut. It's a damned shame, because I really like their pizzas, but there are other places to get pizza and I will never buy anything from Pizza Hut again!

    What would Pizza Hut tell the families of these two delivery men if they had not been armed and had been killed by the dirtbags they shot? "Oh, well, so sorry he died on the job, but our rule is more important than the lives of our employees"? Pizza Hut can kiss my redneck ass. With the economy in the toilet like it is there are more and more people who might not have been criminals before, but have to find a way to eat and feed their families now. I'm not condoning anyone who would rob someone else, but some people do get desperate which is all the more reason for the rest of us to be wary and be armed. The only time my gun comes out of my holster is when I'm on the john or in bed, but it is always right beside me even then. The only reason I take it out in the john is that it makes it a little easier to get my pants back up without the extra weight pulling my belt out of the loops and toward the floor.

    The bottom line is, if you see me out somewhere or just home watching TV, I WILL be armed, and any scumbag who tries to rob me is going to wind up on the receiving end of a triple tap (two center mass and one in the head)!

    Maybe if evough people would boycott businesses with this stupid attitude, they might get the message and if they don't and go out of business for lack of customers it will be their own fault.
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    Did no one read my post? It's not the delivery companies. It's the insurance companies. If you want the delivery companies to let their delivery drivers carry on the job without fear of losing their job, you have to attack them in their excuse. When it becomes illegal for insurance companies to underwrite policies that include depriving people of basic constitutional liberties as a matter of course, then it's time to jump on the delivery companies themselves, but as long as they have that legal crutch to lean on, their employees' RKBA will always be one contract signature from being pissed away.

    While you're at it, in the same bill, how about insulating the businesses from civil lawsuits on the parts of scumbags for injuries sustained while trying to take on the business's armed deliverymen? It's no reasonable. Scumbags, no matter where they ply their trade, in front of your house or their own, need never profit from their scumbaggery..

  5. I glad the good guy won this one

  6. I used to drive pizza delivery.
    I was once robbed of the pizza, though I had not realized it at the moment. I handed them the pizza. They asked me to follow them around back(of the house) for the money. Half way around the corner they jogged off around the back. All the warning bells in my mind went off. I left and reported it to my manager.

    The manager said a lost pizza was no big deal and that it was good that I just left it at that.

    That neighborhood was prone to shootings and every couple of months we would get calls from the cops about quarantines in that area. Even so, carrying a gun never entered my mind.

    I'm a lot older now, and regardless of policy, I now see how much risk there was. Even though I do not regularly carry a firearm on me, I would not begrudge a delivery driver's right to bear arms.

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    You can get a new job, you can't get a second life. If I had to have a job like that, I'd carry and risk the firing.
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    Rick Davis, the founder of Second Chance and inventor of modern concealable body armor, was a pizza delivery driver. It's a dangerous job for sure.

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    Early this morning in Orlando, a home owner arrived at home and was pistol-whipped by two BGs. He was carrying, and shot one of the perps to death. The other guy is still on the run.

    Ocoee man shoots, kills robber
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    Slightly better than this scenario

    Many years ago I served on the jury of a murder trial at a Monical's Pizza.Idiot had worked there a few weeks earlier,learned the routine,quit and showed up at closing time,knowing when everyone would be gone and cash would be available.He got in, as the manager and the girl working there knew him.He shot the girl and the manager in the head.teenage girl died while cowering in the bathroom,manager lived although impaired for life.

    Scumbag grabbed the cash and threw a huge cocaine party for his buddies that night.Never forget what the pictures of the crime scene looked like.TV can't begin to depict what it is really like.

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    Reminds me of that guy that invented bullet proof vest. I saw the story about it on a T.V., and what made him change his mind was a confrontation he had as a pizza delivery person in Chicago. Ironic.

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