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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    "Lady in the car with the baby, your friends over there outside are arguing, so I need to see proof that that is actually your baby before I'll actually let any of you leave."


    What part of any of that makes sense?

    No idea what you're talking about. Is this what happened with the OP?

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    Yes, you are responding to lethal force with lethal force to defend yourself. It's pretty cut and dry in that incident.

    I would have shot back. The insecurity guard needs to go to prison.

    Responsible firearm owners want to avoid discharging any rounds in that type of situation.
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    I don't see how the guard can not go to jail. Don't think there is any justification for shooting two unarmed people. I think the police are just waiting for the victims to recover enough to give complete statements.

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    False arrest, too. Can't detain somebody against their will unless you have evidence of a crime. This guy didn't.

    Minor of the crimes committed, but it was the crux of his reasons for shooting, it seems.

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    Here's a link to the police report filed by KPD. I was hoping there would be more information in the report.

    Also a link to a followup report by the news. | Knoxville, TN | Updated: Vinson Guard Service lawyer apologizes for shooting

    I think in this case the SG was wrong to take the actions he did and should be charged. Since the store he was guarding was not in danger of being robbed he should have returned to the store, called the police and observed the scene until the PD arrived. More of the story will come out in time. A lawyer for the copule shot has filed a 70 million dollar lawsuit.

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    Well, My 2 cents. If I was in the area, armed and witnessed the situation turning to gunfire, with not a second of thought the security guard would be down!!! Now, if I took this action and the boy and girl died, (I know the guard would be dead). I would likely be facing manslaughter and doing time. But, that is the price to pay. A paniced untrained person (as already stated there are plenty and piss's me off), once start firing will take out all THREATS (this is anyone in there little mind they think are) untill the ammo is depleted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Guy View Post
    My question is if a person legally armed had been involved would they be legally allowed to shoot back? The guard was obviously wrong although he has not yet been charged. Surely you wouldn't be expected to just let a crazed gunman shoot you down just because he is a uniformed guard?

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    First let me state, they couple should've complied with the guard until police arrived. Then his misuse of powers would've been made known to REAL officers you take action against the guard (lawsuit or firing, at least).

    Are you legally allowed to shoot back? That will be up to the jury. My CWP instructor said, "if you are in fear of your life or the life of your family shoot." There was no disclaimer like "unless it's an officer [ or mall cop, or security guard, etc.]"

    The reason all the posters on the news site are siding with the guard is because he's unifrom and the young couple have been stereotyped. Their story relies on the other eye witnesses, which from the second story link sounds like they have it wrapped up. The one witness said the girl was running away when the guard shot her with his third shot. He's meat if that story makes it to trial.
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