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Thread: .45 too much for home defense?

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    When it comes to self-defense,nothing is too powerful.
    Try staying alive first,then deal with court later.
    Training,practice,mind set.
    Shot placement is paramount.
    A hit with a .22 is better then a miss with a Howitzer.

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    technically a miss with a howitzer can still be a hit though, depends on how far off.

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    .45 is a mainstream self defense caliber used by law enforcement and military. It shouldn't be an issue. If you live in a jurisdiction where you a castle doctrine law with civil suit immunity it's a moot point.
    Know the law; don't ask, don't tell.
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    Happy new 1984; 25 years behind schedule. Send lawyers, guns and money...the SHTF...

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    Quote Originally Posted by devildave31 View Post
    technically a miss with a howitzer can still be a hit though, depends on how far off.
    Yes,but it's hard to radio in a target solution when your standing next to,and holding the Lanyard. LOL !!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by spf159753 View Post
    Yes,but it's hard to radio in a target solution when your standing next to,and holding the Lanyard. LOL !!!!!
    I'm not familiar with howizters, can you point the barrel straight up? and then run like hell?

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    Yes,but the bad guy gets away too.....
    So lets stick with small arms for now.

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    If I get one shot into the perp regardless of how I shoot at the range I need it to count. I also noticed the profile for qualifying on the M9 changed with more two to the center mass one to the head leading me to believe since 9-11 when the M9 has been used in OEF or OIF one round is not stopping the threat. Not a scientific observation based on empirical data but an observation based on having qualified 6 times over the last 16 years. Self Aid buddy care training got a lot more intensive post 9-11 too leading me to believe folks were ill prepared to take care of their buddies. I would say not much is too much unless you're shooting an Oerlikon or something like that, shoot what you feel confident handling.

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    So, since my wife sleeps w/ a maaaaagnnnum inthe headboard, she is overkill? LOL! I'd love to see that try to pass! Her defending our little girl, and they state it's overkill. Plus, Ohio is also a lovely castle doctrine state, so go & try that one! I'd give her the guage, but that sob KICKS w/ 3" magnums in it. So, Between that, or my .45, I guess I'll haveto walk the overkill walk w/ the rest of you. Good company I see.
    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf". ~George Orwell / Rudyard Kipling

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    A) You are in fear of imminent death or SERIOUS bodily harm

    B) You are using DEADLY Force to STOP that possibility of death or serious bodily harm.

    C) There is no "safe" bullet.

    D) Shotguns and rifles are used for self defense as much as handguns.

    Why did you pick that caliber bullet?

    Because that caliber is used by many police departments, federal police, and military units.

    Why did you pick that particular brand of bullet?

    Because it is advertised as being able to stop the threat without going through and injuring an innocent party.

    Always have an answer, but always answer through your lawyer.
    A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.

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    I happen to believe that a .45 for home defense is not enough. For me, nothing less than the good 'ole 12 gauge would suffice for that.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    Benjamin Franklin

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