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    Just think!

    If the parent had the fire arm concealed with him or her, there would have been no shooting.

    Why wasn't it used for self defense and carried.
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    I'm prosecuting the homeowner/gunowner. He'll also probably be sued by the victims family.

    NRA Rules state:

    Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.
    Many factors must be considered when deciding where and how to store guns. A person's particular situation will be a major part of the consideration. Dozens of gun storage devices, as well as locking devices that attach directly to the gun, are available. However, mechanical locking devices, like the mechanical safeties built into guns, can fail and should not be used as a substitute for safe gun handling and the observance of all gun safety rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    Anyone who thinks kids can be trusted to act like responsible adults when it comes to firearms, alcohol, cars, prescription drugs, and sex is a fool.

    There is no excuse for a firearm be left unsecured in a home.

    We can't even expect lots of adults to act responsible when it comes to handling firearms, including adults at gun shows, at firing ranges, at gun stores, and even highly trained leo's.

    An adult who relies on the "maturity and judgment" of 16-year-old to excuse his own negligence in securing a firearm should be prosecuted for stupidity.
    Nonsense Some of us have a weapon on us all the time, and some of us have guns in every room in the house, and some of us have no kids at home. We, thankfully, have the ability to do what seems best to us in our own homes, without the government sticking its big fat nose in our business. Many of us grew up with guns and shooting from a young age by responsible parents. So, no thanks to your one size fits all, government enforced nanny state ****
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    its always there fault if the rear end you. but its illegal to be driving without insurance. so you might win the accident case but get finned for driving uninsured.

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  6. Absolutely, w/o qualifiers, the 16 YO is responsible. A person of that age is licensed to drive a vehicle in many places and therefore, considered to be responsible ofr his/her action on an independant basis. Anyone old enough to drive but so irresponsible as to mishandle a firearm is 100% liable for the outcome.
    A short trial and quick execution would be the best result.

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