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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    OK, here's what we were taught in our TX CHL class:
    When the police arrive and you are standing over a dead perp with your firearm in your hand you will look like the bad guy. You need to look like the victim that you were/are. Here are some things you can do that were suggested - actually many of these may come naturally:
    1. Assuming the threat is over unload and holster your firearm and call 911 on your cell phone or have someone call.
    2. If possible wet your pants.
    3. Sit down on the curb and shake violently, cry if possible.
    (Now when the LEO arrives you will look like the victim you were and the agressor he will look like the perp who got what he deserved.)
    4. Tell the LEO you are too upset to talk and if he insists tell him you are having chest pains and ask for an ambulance - you need to get away from the LEO.
    5. In the ambulance call your lawyer - if you don't have one lined up already find one soon and always have their number in your wallet. You need to get lawyered up by the time you get to the hospiltal.
    6. From that point on you DO NOT talk to anyone - except through you lawyer's mouth.
    The End
    Can't believe that the CHL instructor would coach students to do this. I advise my students that they need to do some planning ahead of time, but never coach them to do things like "sit down on the curb and shake violently, cry if possible" or "wet your pants". Things like this may actually hurt your cases in the eyes of LE. My advice is simple. If you don't already have one, find a Criminal Defense Attorney WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH FIREARMS LAWS. A "pro-gun" defense attorney would be even better. When the police arrive, be cooperative, but DO NOT MAKE A STATEMENT WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY. You will most likely feel pretty messed up and will probably have numerous things going through your mind. It's in your best interest to get checked out by medical personnel. Request medical treatment AND an attorney before speaking to law enforcement about what happened.

    In most cases you will probably be arrested after you are released from the hospital. At minimum, you will be detained and will probably lose the firearm in question for an unspecified period of time. For this reason, it's a good idea to own more than one SD firearm. Most jurisdictions will only take the firearm used in the incident (they will do testing on the firearm and preserve it as evidence should the local authorities find the need to pursue criminal charges).

    If you haven't already done so, check out the online presentation by professor James Duane "Don't Talk to the Police" by Professor James Duane

    Keep in mind that I AM NOT A LAWYER. I am not giving you legal advice, simply my opinion as a firearms instructor.

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  3. I don't know if AVIDSHOOTERTX was serious or not. I was too busy laughing my ass off to figure it out.

    “There are three types of men. Some learn by reading, a few learn by observation, and the rest have to piss on the electric fence to find out for themselves.” --- Will Rogers

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    This is a Great Post. Thanks For starting a Great Conversation.
    Some Experience here: I am a Security Contractor in Philippines. Member and Team Captain of a Five Man Extraction Squad.
    I Must Fill out reports if someone in my Squad uses his weapon. The Team Member that used the weapon Must fill out a report and any other Team members who were there must write their perspectives... ALL Independently of each other.
    We Must do this with-in 24 Hours of the Shooting. I ALWAYS Recommend my team member takes as much time as he needs before he writes anything.... I always give them a rewrite or edit once...if he should think of something else. I also ask the shooter to refrain from any bravado in his writing...It's Not the time to write a hero account of a shooting..even if it was justified and heroic... States the Facts and THATS IT!
    A Private CW Carrier Does not have this grace period...he will be grilled from the start by one or many LEO.
    The people That Posted to SHUT UP and Ask for your Lawyer are 100% correct. I would also ask for an ambulance as Post Shooting Trama is clinically diagnosed medically.... See a Hospital...AND Like was posted, That Does Give you time for a Lawyer to show up at The Hospital. You should have a "Family Lawyer" anyway ...They Can recommend a Criminal Lawyer or better, find a Lawyer and keep their card in your wallet next to your Permit to Carry. DO NOT Go to the Police Station without a Lawyer... So Just Demand to get Admitted to the Hospital for the night for Observation. Then Just Like ALL the Movie Stars and Politicians... Turn Yourself In to the Police WITH your Lawyer!! They can investigate ALL they want then.

    On a Side Note.... For Permit Carriers... Have a Second Handgun Stored Off your Premises.. Bank Security Box, Friends House, Family Member House...Whatever... BUT, I have Heard and seen Police in Their Investigation Seizing Other Firearms in the House.. Especially if they are Seen by the Police... Also if you live alone, and the You go away in an Ambulance or God Forbid with the Police...They MUST Secure your property. That Could Mean they Didnt want to leave Firearms Unsecured..and Take Them ALL with them... it is an excuse. Try to Get them back in a timely could take weeks or longer.... Better to have a 2nd carry Gun somewhere else off Site....
    I do not Know about USA, But the Police Will Take ALL your Guns on Your Property here in Philippines if you are a Private Gun owner. They Take them until the investigation is over...
    My Experiences and Observations when These things Happen...

    Stay Safe and God Bless.. Captain

  5. I'll add one to festus' post...

    I wanted the threat to stop.

    I was afraid for my life/my family's lives.

    I want him/her/them arrested.

    I want to speak to my attorney.

    I like the ambulance idea, and the offsite gun storage. Crying on the curb with wet pants... not so much, unless that's where I'm at mentally at the time.

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