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  1. Illinois does not have a carry right for any civilian at all. The case was in Ohio. They publish a complete list for all who want it

  3. Quote Originally Posted by aloneinMD View Post
    giving your address not only makes you a target for the Anti's but letting the local community and criminals know where to find guns. Very counter productive. Totally taking the 'conceal" out of the process.
    I've not heard from any "Antis" from my posting. The only thing I can attribute to my posting was a postcard from a instructor for a training class. As for criminals finding guns, since mine are properly secured in a safe, even if they found them, they couldn't get to them.

    I think you miss the point of "concealed." It means concealed on your person. As Delaware has provision for open carry, I suggest you pursue that route, if you don't want to meet all the requirements.

    Paranoia doesn't add to the acceptance of the concealed carried practice. I also suggest that one also develop other skills - perhaps less-than-lethal, perhaps not - to have a range of options and not be in the situation found in Florida. I'm not saying it was a bad shoot, but there might have been a different way to handle the situation.

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    What? Wow! Yeah, this will stop crime.

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    wow that is a bit ridiculous to have to publish your intent to carry..........i wonder how many criminals search that looking for homes to burgle knowing they may have guns they can rob in them
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Hello. When I went through the process for Kent county, all I had to do was show up to the newspaper's office and ask for an ad for my CCW permit requirement. They took care of the ad; all I had to do was show some ID and pay for it. The newspaper gave me a receipt for the CCW permit paperwork requirement, and mailed me a newspaper for the day my ad ran.

    I hope that helps in some way.

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