Wal-mart out of the gun business
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Thread: Wal-mart out of the gun business

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    Wal-mart out of the gun business

    I've been reading, on several web sites about Wal-mart going out of the gun business in Delaware. I live in Kent County and shop at Camden and Milford both. I have see, like most the abscence of ammo in the stores and then the guns started disappearing. So, yesterday I asked the clerk in the Sporting Goods Dept. just what the story was.

    The answer I got was that do to the laws, FFL dealers "MUST" do transfers on private person to person sales of hand guns and tehy do not want to be involved in that as it could open up a Pandoras' box of liability law suites. They are also associated with the Bloomberg Anti-gun group, and I feel that has as much to do with it as anything.

    The clerk sounded as though they weren't in favor of it, but it is not their job to reason why, only to do what they are told. Most "working people" can understand that.

    According to what I was told they will still be selling muzzle loaders, and what ammo they can get, but rifles and shotguns are out now at Wal-mart Stores in Delaware. This may spread to other states as well.

  3. My Walmart has 5 AR-15's all under $800. Windham, Bushmaster, Colt and DPMS.

    If they are getting out of the gun business, they have a funny way of clearing out inventory.

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    I agree that in the states that passed the gun or ammo restrictions, especially those requiring private background checks by FFL's, it is likely more gun shops may close. And with the added laws, taxes and fees, some businesses and private citizens will be priced out of business and gun ownership. I think that may have been part of the intended consequences by the gun grabbers. I saw on Fox News this morning that more states are going to push for gun and ammo taxes and the Feds will also be pushing for a 10% sales tax.
    -----If you live in one of those states and have not gotten active with your state rifle assn., or any of the national organizations, to file suit against your state to stop these illegal laws, then expect you will eventually lose all rights for gun ownership. I am lucky I live in Kansas that expanded several rights for gun owners this year instead of like our neighbors to the west. Good luck.
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    Wal-Mart by me just started selling Shotguns and Rifles 2 or 3 months ago. again.
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  6. As Wal-Mart is affiliated with Bloomberg, gun owners with any sense of morality should not be buying anything gun related from Wal-mart anyhow

    This is good as it will help local gun shops. We need to support our local gun dealers.

  7. You mean those local gun dealers that started charging $100 for a brick of 22 LR or $2,700 for a DPMS AR-15? All the while Walmart and other big box stores kept their prices at pre-panic levels. Sure, they didn't have much (still don't but it's getting better) but when they did; you could afford it.

    Meanwhile, the Local Gun Shops (not all but most) were gouging during the panic. They kept saying, "it's just business", "it's just free enterprise".

    I believe they were right. So, if I can find what I'm looking for at a better price at Wal-mart or anywhere else; you can bet I'm going to buy there.

    It's just business.

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    If Walmart doesn't want to do FFL transfers on private sales, that's their decision. If that means that they don't sell guns in those states which require FFL transfers, that's also their decision. To become the 'go-between' in private sales does not really fit their business model, which is to offer products, in volume, at decent prices.
    In my area, they have limited inventory of ammo and guns, but they still sell both.

    The NY SAFE Act has also become an opportunity for the small gun dealers. Recently, I began hearing radio ads for a small rural dealer stating that he's willing and able to do the required transfers. In addition, he's advertising that he buys and sells any and all guns, modern, antique and collectibles. Between Walmart, Gander Mtn and a well know, established local gun shop in the area, the little guys had little opportunity to expand their business. This dealer saw an opportunity created by the new law (as bad and unconstitutional as it is), and took the opportunity to develop a new income stream...one that Walmart didn't see as cost effective.

    As for those who price gouged..."you reap what you sew"... if they couldn't see the long term damage they would do for short term profit, so be it. Take your business elsewhere. I'd rather spend my money with someone who values my business and I have a relationship with. If that person took the attitude that they were going to gouge me after years of loyal, mutual benefit, I would have no problem telling them that the dollar I spend today will be the 'last dollar' I spend in their store. I've done it with other businesses in the past and I'll do it again...and never spent so much as another dime there. In fact, I've seen them afterwards and they ask why I never come in anymore...I just tell them..."remember when you gouged me and I told you I wouldn't EVER spend another penny in your store? I don't lie!"
    Plus, everyone I know is now aware of their practices.

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    I believe this thread is for Delaware. So why are people from PA. and NY chiming in here about their Wal-marts? Anybody in Delaware that would drive all the way to PA. or NY. to buy guns or ammo, and pay the outrageous tax, let alone the gas to get there, has more dollars than "sense".

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    Sorry....I guess "reason" has to stop at the border! My comments were basically this... no matter where a business is located, they have the right to make decisions which benefit "them". They need to consider what is in their best interest, both from a financial as well as legal standpoint. The fact that they don't want to open themselves to legal ramifications and possible pitfalls of doing 'private' FFL transfers makes perfect sense. If that means that they stop selling guns in Delaware, so be it. I'm sure they considered that it would make it inconvenient for "you" to make your purchases of rifles or shotguns.

    As a business owner, it is up to me whom I do business with for the lasting health of my business. I'm not a 'Walmart", nor do I want to be... but... If the "cost" of doing business with someone outweighs the "benefit", then I (and even Walmart) need to decline that business. I'm sure they pondered all options and consequences of their decision.

    Finally, I'm sure you'll be happy, but this will be my last post to this thread....I now realize I've violated your privacy bubble on a public forum, so I'll stay on my side of the line!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    I believe this thread is for Delaware. So why are people from PA. and NY chiming in here about their Wal-marts? Anybody in Delaware that would drive all the way to PA. or NY. to buy guns or ammo, and pay the outrageous tax, let alone the gas to get there, has more dollars than "sense".
    You may not realize this, but anyone living in the Newark or Wilmington area does not need to drive far to be in PA as the two states border one another. This may be why people from PA have chimed in... as far as NY... your guess is as good as mine. Maybe they have pertinent information or thoughts on the subject at hand and have chimed in on a public forum?

    Also, when someone clicks on "New Posts", ALL new posts come up. Seeing a tag line "Wal-mart out of the gun business" would attract people from many states. Seeing in very small print at the top of the thread that this is a DE state thread could be easily overlooked.

    Also, if a firearm is available in PA, but not DE... or if a firearm is available in PA at a lower price (even including the 6% tax) then one in DE is (with the gross receipts tax which one usually doesn't realize is happening) then that would make a whole lot of sense to buy in PA.

    There are possible answers to your questions.
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