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    DECCW off-line

    Been trying to get on DECCW site for a couple of days and get an ad for Go-Daddy. No further info available.

  3. Same here. Don't have contact info for Twisted karma or Radnor .

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    I know they were trying to sell the site about a year or so ago, but no body would come up with enough money to buy it.

  5. Gentlemen, this is just my opinion....The DECCW forum has been strange for a while now. I have followed it for quite a while and have been a member for years. To me, ONE person has used MANY names while posting on its forum. Maybe to save it and justify their presence.

    enough said, Respectfully.

  6. Do not see it that way, but you are entitled to your opinion. I have always found the site informative and helpful to folks jumping through the hoops of the ccdw process in our state.
    There is also some very interesting members there. Whether or not some are the same person? I don't know. Never really thought about it. I hope they pay the bill to run the site again.

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    I see no evidence of someone using multiple names to post. Unless that is, it is you, yourself?

  8. Some time back 2 members were talking about not getting their DSSA newsletters for a few months. All of a sudden 2 members (I believe 1 member was an administrator) said their newsletters appeared in the mailbox THAT MORNING and they really berated the member for not having patience. I asked around and other DSSA members never received their newsletters because they were not sent out to ANY members for a period of about 6 months. Newsletters are sent by US mail and email quarterly.

    DECCW was informative, just saying.

  9. Looks like the site is back up.

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    Somebody must have forgot to pay the Go-daddy bill. Glad to see they are back up and running.

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