Heading to Dewey Beach this weekend
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Thread: Heading to Dewey Beach this weekend

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    Heading to Dewey Beach this weekend

    I'm going to Dewey Beach this weekend and was trying to get a hold on the laws of Delaware regarding CCW. I have a Florida non-res permit (I'm from the People's Republic of Maryland) so I know I am that much legal!

    From what I can tell, I cannot carry in:

    Federal buildings (obviously)
    "Detention centers" (police departments, etc.)
    Places with slot machines

    I can carry in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, yes?

    One other thing I was unsure of, as a non-res Florida holder, does that mean I would be in legal jeopardy if I were either on school property or within 1000' of a school?


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    These sites may be helpful...

    Delaware Open Carry

    Delaware Law Discussion

    Personal Experience Carrying In Lewes Rehoboth And Dewey

    I can tell you, there are some state laws that are written in an unclear manner. Some of which are discussed on the above linked forum. Many people are hesitant to test them in order find out exactly what some of these laws mean.
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