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    My own customized first aid kit

    After looking around for a heavy duty first aid kit that would work well for car accidents and/or gunshot wounds, I decided to make my own customized first aid kit. It all fits in a plastic Tupperware box the size of a toaster.

    It contains the following:

    An unopened package of 2 flour sack towels to use as slings or wound dressings.

    4 unopened surgical dressing packs which are the size of ladies' tampons.

    4 unopened elastic bandages large enough to enclose a torso wound.

    1 unopened box of 10 extra large adhesive bandaids.

    1 unopened packet of wet wipes.

    1 pair of tweezers and 1 pair of scissors.

    1 roll of white surgical tape and 1 small roll of duct tape.

    2 adjustable dog collars that can be used at tourniquets for legs or arms.

    1 pair of plastic surgical gloves.

    1 folded kitchen towel to wipe off with.

    I keep this with me in my car all the time, in case I come across someone on the road who needs medical first aid help, and everywhere my car goes, such as camping, to the shooting range, etc.

    If I can get to my car, then I know my first aid kit is there when I need it.

    I learned in military first aid training that the first step is to stop the bleeding. This first aid kit will help me do that.

  3. You have a pretty good start. I would add a couple more items.
    Triple Antibiotic
    Bottle of 200 MG Ibuprofen
    Additional sizes of Band Aides
    Roll of Gauze
    More Wet Wipes than One
    A small pack of Baby Wipes might be a good plan for cleaning your hands.
    5" Stretch Wrap Film can be handy but needs rewrapped into a more compact package than a 1000' roll. My brother who is retired Air Force used the wrap and paper shop towels to stop the bleeding on a coworker a while back. The ER Doctor was pretty impressed with his emergency patch work.

    For under the seat: Get a roll of White Shop Towels in Automotive at Wal Mart and let the wife use the roll down to about 1/2 - 1/3 of a roll left in the Kitchen. Put the partial roll under the seat or in a door pocket to wipe your hands or what ever with. I use enough of them that I do not worry about bagging them. They fold up into a pretty good bandage. The only problem with this is the wife may continue to use them in the kitchen.

    The things I used out of my made up First Aid Kit in my Patrol Car were Ibuprofen, Triple Anti Biotic, Gauze & Tape, Bandages of various sizes, and Hand Wipes.

    Bob R

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