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Personal Protection During Civil Disturbances by Potentially Violent Mobs

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Personal Protection During Civil Disturbances by Potentially Violent Mobs

The event in Ferguson, MO has drawn the attention of many of Americans from the left and the right. The purpose of this article is not to enter into the political fray but honestly discuss how to prepare, identify potential situations, and make safety plans for those who are concerned about their own safety.

Why do Civil Disturbances and Riots occur?

Causes of such disturbances are varied; due to social, economic, and political conditions will play part in the event. A public disturbance that is not immediately suppressed but instead permitted to grow will become a threat to your community. The communities may be so over burdened they loose the ability to provide acceptable levels of service, such as law enforcement, fire department, ambulance services, along with water, sewer, and power distribution services.

  • Social, Racial, and Religious clashes and differences have always been causes of disturbances. At other times community activities drawing large numbers of people together to celebrate or support a specific act or event have at times degenerated into serious civil disturbances when tension exists.

  • Economic, Extreme poverty, poor housing conditions, lack of food, differences between labor & management, devaluation of currencies, high cost of living and allied economic factors will cause civil unrest.

  • Political, Efforts to gain or destroy political power outside lawful means is a motivating factor of mob violence.

  • Failure of law enforcement or military authorities to cope with a mob crisis can ignite further actions. When the members of the mob begin to feel they can act with impunity and can impose their will no matter what repercussions they may face.

The Mobs that rioted during this last November in Ferguson had many of the above factors involved in what happened leading upto and after the Grand Juries Decision was made their announcement. The people who formed these mobs had one purpose to protest the killing of Michael Brown. The protesters chose to follow their emotions ignoring the facts in the case proving Michael Brown was a criminal who assaulted a store clerk and later died while assaulting Ferguson Police Officer Wilson. These conditions caused a perfect storm fueled by hatred for the police and a desire for justice & revenge possibly even being manipulated by agitators who wanted to incite the riot to conduct criminal activities of looting, arson, and looting businesses owned by law abiding citizens.

How does one prepare for self-defense deal with such a situation?

My best advice is “Nothing is worth your life and if at all possible to leave the area for your own safety” letting law enforcement and military authorities re-establish order. Then file your insurance claims and rebuild.

Prepare your home for any disaster by having an emergency food supply on hand to last at least thirty days. Also have a water supply on hand in the event your cities water service is interrupted, plan for a minimum of one gallon of water per person every day you expect to be with out water. For a complete list of recommended items to prepare for an emergency visit Home |

For those who choose to stay, please consult with the laws in your state to ensure what methods and conditions are necessary to apply varying levels of force needed to deter and possibly stop a violent mob or individuals in the mob. In most states any use of deadly force the defender must be in imminent fear of great bodily injury or death.

Stay tuned for more posts on Identifying threats, Equipping & Preparing your family, home and business for security operations in the event of Civil Disobedience AKA Riots...

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