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    wolfhunter Guest
    I spent 15 months on Adak back in 1980-81. One night the E-club manager came inthe bar area and offered one night's drinks free for anyone willing to clean fish for him.

    Since he took 4 volunteers, I thought he had a lot of fish to clean. He did. All THREE of them. North Pacific Halibut. The one I worked on provided 175 pounds of pretty, white, fileted meat.

    And the salmon fishing was great, too.

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    Well, you all live where there are some BIG fish! Jealous. Here's our latest. BTW, it's winter here. :)

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    Nice catch! I'll be doing some fishing there next weekend. What did you use for bait? I hear meal worms work great this time of year.

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    November Northern Pike

    Show Off Your Latest Catches!-november-northern-pike.jpg

    Caught two; one 38" and one 43" along with several smaller.

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    here are a bunch of my recent catches. Both pike were 40 inches and 17 and 18.5 lbs. The laker was 32 inches. Halibut was 109lbs. Tarpon was in Puerto Rico caught on a live anchovie and on 8lb test (20 lb fish). All trout are over 7 lbs with my biggest being 10 (one with me in the hut in the dark)
    Attached Images Attached Images Show Off Your Latest Catches!-n1415946186_30111539_3143.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-180585_1644885808114_1415946186_31397421_1471289_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-154398_1527772560356_1415946186_31187975_4032696_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-35706_1362437067072_1415946186_30842780_6102011_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-34428_1474263582665_1415946186_31092160_2456966_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-425713_2895935043563_1415946186_32273492_415583663_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-419097_2689283597406_1415946186_32201380_372467871_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-405065_2522741313953_1415946186_32145053_527651433_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-380153_2219539254091_1415946186_32010135_2096305946_n.jpg Show Off Your Latest Catches!-268800_1931334249146_1415946186_31726836_4991136_n.jpg 

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    the trout from left to right were 8.5, 8, 10, 7 and 8.5. All released

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    4 lb 7 oz largemouth out of my buddys lake caught a coupke weekends back
    Attached Images Attached Images Show Off Your Latest Catches!-2012-04-20-19.06.23.jpg 

  10. Show Off Your Latest Catches!-cat.jpg

    Show Off Your Latest Catches!-laker.jpg

    10lb Cat, 17lb Lake trout and 23lb king!

  11. Show Off Your Latest Catches!-264344_10150718051485276_833230275_19731299_1948928_n.jpg

    Barracuda! More tasty than it looked..

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