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    Large Mouth caught at a lake in MD on a gulf corse

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    Barracuda! More tasty than it looked..
    Brother,you better be careful eating them.
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    Ky Lake oct 10th secret weapon spinnerbaits around grass

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bilgerat View Post
    Brother,you better be careful eating them.
    Ciguatera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    See what i get for going to mexico?

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    7 inch or so crappie

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    I have not had time to fish much this due to work, but here's a couple pic from the last trip. Me and my oldest granddaughter got to go before school started back.
    These are from last month. Not a big catch but some good crappie!

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    Here's a bass I caught on a #4 rabid dog yesterday.

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    Ive gotta say, most of the fish I catch in Michigan are Bass and Bluegill, out of all the fishing trips Ive had, my wife has caught the biggest fish of the two of us, an 16" Large Mouth, wasnt much biting that day, she just happened to drop her line by mistake as we were headed back to shore and wham, sucker caught right on. She couldn't pull it in all the way so I had to finish it for her. Sucker put up quite a fight. But, she took the credit for it
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  11. Love to get out fishing with my daughter. 23 and she still likes fishing with her old man!!Show Off Your Latest Catches!

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