Non-Resident application!
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Thread: Non-Resident application!

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    Non-Resident application!

    Hello Guys,

    I am mooving into my second month of waiting for my FL concealed carry permit. I understand that it can take up to 3 months, but just for my own awareness, How long did it take to recieve yours??



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    90 work days and that was a resident. Hang in there

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    47 days for me in 2006. Could be an increase in the number of applications sent in.
    Good luck.

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    30 Days so far

    I sent mine in 30 days ago, so 2 months left!

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    I applied in FL, and was electronically finger printed at the Sheriff's office in Gainesville. I got back to Hawaii and received my permit about a week later. This was back in March of 2005. Total wait time was about 3 weeks.
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    Thanks Guys,

    Ill be patient, im sure the number of applicants are staggering now. I appreciate it.


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    The fasted way to get a Florida permit is get finger prints done on computer in police station. I do not know if this applys to out of state appt.

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    56 days in 3rd qtr 2005.

    Subject says it all.

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    Two months last year with electronic finger prints.

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    I recieved my VA non- resident after two weeks, got it in the mail yesterday. Whoo Hooo!

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