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    Quote Originally Posted by aleutian View Post
    Ok I just got it today. I mailed it in on January 11th 2010 and got it today. Mailbox to mailbox 43 days, not bad for the delay in process because FBI kicked something back. Just wish they could have told me what caused the delay. Doesn't say NON-Resident on it though which I thought is kind of odd.
    There is no resident or non-resident permit for Florida, it is simply a Florida Concealed Weapons License. It is YOU that is either resident or non-resident based on where you live (remember the FL permit requires you to present ID with it, it does not stand as ID alone).

    Congratulatons on getting by the glitch so quickly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swinokur View Post
    It seems old charges, not convictions, sometimes get stuck in the system, even when dismissed, or if you are found not guilty and cause these problems. In my case the conviction was legit, but the FBI info was incomplete. FL wanted a date, case number and disposition. As I said, after I provided that I got my permit very quickly

    Hope you get yours when it all gets cleared up.

    be safe.
    Once you enter the system, you never leave. Don't matter if you were never convicted. One of the many flaws of our criminal justice system.

  4. Resident or non resident? US Citizen with Passport; retired; travel around a lot, sometimes with a small house trailer in tow. Address is Post Office Box in Buffalo, NY. No problems with several other states. Florida wants me to re-apply after declining and returning my first application because I had a Canadian address on it. Lots of relatives in various states that we visit and stay with (reside with) and consider ourselves U.S. residents while we are travelling but no truly fixed address. So, here's the question, when we apply what address do we put down on the application for our residence address? Thinking that if we apply while in PA at cousin's home for a week or two we are 'residents' of PA. I'm so confused. Always thought I was one of "We the People".

  5. A lot of states don't consider you a resident until you have been there for 6 months or more, or you have a tie to that state, buy property etc... Best thing you can do is call them and present that very question. Or if you go to an address multiple times a year use that address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swinokur View Post
    Yup. The exact same thing. I had already received my VA, UT and NV permits while I waited on my FL app. I called and they said there was an issue with my FBI background check. About a month later I received a letter stating they could not verify the outcome of a 20 year old misdemeanor conviction. They told me I had to provide a court provided certified copy of the case disposition before they could process any further. It took another month before the court could get me a certified copy of the case. As soon as I sent it in, I had my FL permit in less than 10 days

    I have no idea why I passed through VA,UT and NV systems with no problems but FL had an issue. Maybe they are just more thorough. Be patient, and provided the info doesn't exclude you from getting a permit,and you'll get your permit.
    I went thru TN and PA systems, but FL is delayed for a certified copy of a court disposition. Send that last week, hopefully it'll be processed in a few days.

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