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We’re now in the home stretch, with less than one month to go before the November elections.

And Florida voters will have a huge say in whether Second Amendment advocates or anti-gunners control the U.S. Congress.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is very active in the Sunshine State, and I want to make sure you have the very latest on the candidates who support your right to keep and bear arms.

You no doubt agree that this may be the most important election of our lifetimes, but may I suggest that it may be more than that. The 2010 elections very well may be the most important for generations to come.

This country is clearly at a crossroads, and it is no exaggeration to say that our Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance. Will we continue down the road of the anti-gun socialism of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? Or will we begin the necessary task of reining in the out-of-control federal government?

There are candidates in Florida who are up to the task, and I want to make sure they are on your radar screen.

Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate

Gun Owners of America is the only national Second Amendment organization to support Marco Rubio for Senate. Rubio, the son of parents who fled Cuba after Castro’s takeover, is a solid pro-gun leader who consistently stood for the right to keep and bear arms in the Florida legislature. Thanks to an outpouring of support from concerned gun owners, Rubio chased Governor Charlie Crist out of the Republican primary—and out of the Republican Party. And once he decided to run as an independent, who did Crist hire to help run his campaign? The former Chief of Staff for notorious gun grabber Charles Schumer of New York!

The Democrat on the ballot in November, Kendrick Meek, is also anti-gun, having earned an F- rating from GOA. Marco Rubio will stand up to the anti-gun schemes of President Obama and his allies in the Senate. Please vote for Marco Rubio for Senate, and encourage your pro-gun family and friends do the same.

You can visit Rubio on the web at to sign up for alerts, volunteer or to make a generous contribution to the campaign.

Steve Southerland for Congress, District 2

Gun Owners of America has endorsed Steve Southerland for Congress in Florida’s Second District. Steve earned an “A” rating from GOA based on his unwavering commitment to individual liberty. A fourth generation Floridian from Bay County, Mr. Southerland summarized why he is willing to take time away from his family business to serve in Congress. “I have had enough of the secular progressive movement’s attempts to rewrite history, as if the Constitution and Bill of Rights refer only to the power of the government and not to the rights of the individual as ‘the people,’” writes Southerland.

“May God help us if we ever lose our right to bear arms, for if we do, tyranny will quickly be ushered in.”

His opponent is Congressman Allen Boyd, who likes to play both sides of the gun issue and often votes with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Boyd is a so-called Blue Dog Democrat who opposed GOA’s efforts to repeal a gun ban in national parks. Boyd also voted for ObamaCare, despite repeated warnings from GOA that the law does not contain safeguards to keep the government from using a medical records database to strip people of their gun rights. If this country is going to turn around, we need more people like Steve Southerland—people who are NOT coming to Washington looking to become part of the political elite.

You can help Steve by going to to make a contribution or to volunteer for his campaign.

Daniel Webster for Congress, District 8

Gun Owners of America is proud to stand with Daniel Webster for Congress in Florida’s Eighth District. Mr. Webster earned a lifetime “A” rating on gun issues in twenty-eight years in the legislature. He is a proven, effective leader who decided to take on radical anti-gunner Alan Grayson in November. Grayson voted three times against protecting gun rights in national parks and was Congress’ most radical—and most vocal—supporter of the anti-gun ObamaCare bill.

After casting votes against gun owners, Grayson then voted for the so-called DISCLOSE Act, which would place unconstitutional limitations on GOA’s ability to expose his record to the public. With Daniel Webster in Congress, gun owners and sportsmen will gain a trusted ally in the fight for the Second Amendment. Please visit to lean more and to support the Webster campaign.

Allen West for Congress, District 22

Gun Owners of America endorsed Allen West in Florida’s Twenty-Second Congressional District. A retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, West is crystal clear on his view of the Second Amendment: “An armed and informed law-abiding citizenry is the best defense against an unjust government and the criminal element created by irresponsible societal benevolence and activist judges.”

His opponent is F-rated Congressman Ron Klein, a representative who does not trust the people with their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Klein voted for ObamaCare, the DISCLOSE Act, and four times against protecting gun rights in national parks.

Allen West is a consistent and strong advocate for Second Amendment rights who respects the Founding Fathers and their pledges of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

Please visit to volunteer for the campaign or to make a financial contribution.

Sandy Adams for Congress, District 24

In the Twenty Fourth District, pro-gun State Rep. Sandy Adams will face anti-gun incumbent Suzanne Kosmas in November. In the state legislature, Rep. Adams earned an “A” rating, voting for the “stand your ground” legislation and for the rights of gun owners in the workplace.

In contrast, Rep. Kosmas earned an “F” rating from GOA, voting against gun rights in national parks, and for ObamaCare and the DISCLOSE Act. With your help, Sandy Adams could replace a Nancy Pelosi “rubber stamp” with a representative who will stand up for your Second Amendment rights.

Please help Sandy by visiting to volunteer or to make a contribution.

Gun Owners of America is extremely proud to stand with Marco Rubio, Daniel Webster, Allen West, and Sandy Adams in the November elections.

For GOA’s complete rating of Florida’s congressional candidates, click HERE.

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It is vital that we work together to elect men and women who will stand up to the anti-gun agenda of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their pals in Washington.

Every election, of course, is important, but this election is even more crucial. Please stand with GOA and solid pro-gun candidates as we get to work undoing the damage and restoring this great nation for our posterity.

Thank you for standing with GOA-PVF. Together, we will win tremendous victories in 2010.
Tim Macy

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