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Thread: examiner.com - Janet Reno's Ban on Open Carry in Florida

  1. examiner.com - Janet Reno's Ban on Open Carry in Florida

    examiner.com - Janet Reno's Ban on Open Carry in Florida

    Janet Reno's Ban on Open Carry in Florida - Orlando gun rights | Examiner.com

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Caranna
    Janet Reno, Assistant State Attorney for Dade County at the time, called on the legislature to close what she called a loophole in the new statewide carry laws and outright ban Open Carry throughout the state. Having just lost their fight against Shall-Issue concealed carry, the future US Attorney General, a handful of Florida Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, and newspapers statewide went on the offensive to call for a special session of the legislature to close what they dubbed the “Dodge City Loophole”.
    Executive Director, Florida Carry, Inc.

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    Thumbs down Ayoob on Janet Reno

    This is slightly off-topic.

    One of the cases I am familiar with from the Ayoob files involves a woman down in Florida. This woman was separated from her abusive husband, who one day decided to kick down her door. He beat her mercilessly, even pulled a phonecord from the wall and choked her with it. He left her half strangled to death. Warned her that he'd be back to finish the job, and went off to get drunk.

    When this fellow came back to the woman's apt. he forced his way in again and was shot be the scared woman. This woman had every reason to be in fear that she was going to DIE, if she did not act to repell the treat at hand.

    Janet Reno insisted that this woman be prosecuted for first degree murder.

    Mark Seidon was the defense attorney, who happens to be a friend of Ayoob. He called Ayoob and told him what he had and Ayoob's responce was to tell Mark that he would come to FL himself and review the matter. Ayoob was so outraged by Janet Reno's actions in this matter that he decided to testify as an expert witness on use of force matters, PRO BONO.

    On the witness stand the prosecuting attorney asked Ayoob if he made money being called as an expert witness. Ayoob stated that he usually did, but that he was not receiving money for this case and that he did not intend to bill for his services in the case at hand. The prosecutor asked him why not? Ayoob said, "Because this case is an outrage. I have seen injustice before, but not like this."

    Those two sentences sum up everything there is to know about Janet Reno.

    Sorry to Hi-jack the thread. It does not surprise me that Janet Reon had a hand in getting open carry banned in FL. Everything I find out about that woman makes me want to puke.

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