Florida Carry, Inc. extends special $1 introductory membership rate through Jan 31
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Thread: Florida Carry, Inc. extends special $1 introductory membership rate through Jan 31

  1. Florida Carry, Inc. extends special $1 introductory membership rate through Jan 31

    Florida Carry, Inc. extends special $1 introductory membership rate through January 31.


    Florida Carry, Inc.
    January 8, 2011

    Twenty-three years ago, open carry of firearms in the state of Florida was scuttled by then Miami-Dade county attorney Janet Reno. The NRA acquiesced "temporarily" in exchange for shall-issue concealed carry. The state legislature declared it had occupied the entire field of firearms regulation, yet two-thirds of the counties ignore that declaration. Countless college campuses remain defense-free zones, where armed miscreants routinely use their advantage to commit horrible violent crimes. The misguided anti-gun forces continue to put forth hysterics, hyperbole, and outright lies against legal gun ownership and carry, despite the utter lack of statistical data to support their claims. Florida gun owners and carriers have taken a back seat on the Second Amendment for too long. We now declare in unison, "WE HAVE THE RIGHT!"

    We hereby announce the formation of Florida Carry, Inc., a non-profit organization. Florida Carry's mission is to legalize, normalize, and deregulate gun ownership for the greater good of the law abiding populace.

    There are two bills currently in the legislature, HB 45 and SB 234, both of which were strongly supported by Florida Carry's Executive Directors, Sean Caranna and Richard Nascak. The legislature will be counting on huge numbers of people showing their support in order to get those bills passed and signed into law. We are counting on you to join our organization and show the legislature that we have widespread support of the gun owning/carrying population.

    In recognition of your support to this point, and with the goal of getting a sizable membership in a very short time, Florida Carry, Inc. is making basic, non-voting membership available for only $1. The membership will be for the remainder of calendar year 2011, but the offer expires on January 31. Membership upgrades are also available should you wish to be a voting member. Please do not hesitate, as the bills are going to committee as you read this. Is expansion of your gun owning/carrying rights worth one dollar? Click below for this special offer!

    Supporter Membership

    Remember, this $1 offer is gone at the end of the month. Thank you for your support.

    On behalf of Florida Carry, Inc., we thank you!

    Sean Caranna
    Richard Nascak
    Executive Directors
    Executive Director, Florida Carry, Inc.

  3. The $1 first year membership will be over on Monday.

    Here is what we are working on now:

    HB 517 & SB 234 - Carry Licensee Rights Reform:Licensed Open Carry, Licensed Concealed Carry on Campus, Vehicle Storage of Firearms, and Dept. of Ag. Fingerprint Services.
    This NRA authored bill is a critical step in the right direction for many Florida right to carry issues. We have withdrawn our unlicensed open carry legislation from consideration this year so that we may fully support NRA on this bill.

    HB 45 & SB 402 - Firearms Preemption Enforceability: Provides penalties for government officials who knowingly & willfully violate Florida's Firearms Preemption Statute. Allows collection of attorney fees and damages.
    Passing good state laws is a hollow victory when local governments ignore them. This bill is of critical importance. Read more here: Preemption Issues

    HB 155 & SB 432 - Gun Owner Privacy: Prohibits healthcare providers from inquiring, or refusing service for not answering questions, about gun ownership that are not related to medical treatment.

    SB 604 - Carry Licensee Privacy: Removes sunset provision to keep Carry Licensee info private.

    HB 461 - Firearms Sales Tax Holiday: Proposes a Tax holiday on firearms sales Oct 1st and 2nd.

    HB 499 - Shall Issue Carry for Military & Vets: Those who defend our country overseas should be able to defend themselves and their families at home. This Florida Carry authored legislation will insure that our current troops and honorably discharged veterans can obtain a license to carry regardless of age or duty station.
    Executive Director, Florida Carry, Inc.

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    Not a Fla resident but have their NONRES CWP. Born and raised in Central Fla and knew that FLA used to be OC State in the 70's. Now reading your Post StogieC, I now know why it was revoked, "Janet Reno". Best little butch a demorat could ask for.
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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