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    Thanks Scouse! I been around various forums for a long time and know you can receive just as much bad info as correct so I take it all as opinions

    I called and was given my permit number. The lady told me my permit number won't do me any good as I can't carry anything if i don't have the actual permit. I just said thats fine I will just like to have it.

    I made a copy of the notarized letter and $15 dollar check I sent to them and I will carry this with me along with my permit number incase I do have a run in with someone who will like to confirm I have a valid permit.

    Thanks for all the info fellas!
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  3. Don't carry WITHOUT your permit !

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    DON'T listen to people who don't know what they are talking about. OP, you know what the consequences and I believe you will make the decision you feel is best for you given the nominal fine that could be imposed.
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