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  1. Florida nonresident CCW permit

    Does anyone know where I can get an up to date list of what states accept my Florida nonresident CCW? There seems to be a question as to if my Fl nonresident CCW is still good in Pa. I have had 2 CCW instructors tell me that Pa will no longer accept it. I can't find anything about this.

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    Click the "concealed carry maps" link at the top.
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    Go right to the source...

    PA Attorney General

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    Go right to the source...

    PA Attorney General
    Seems strange that Florida accepts PA, WV, and Ohio licenses while PA, accepts FL and WV but doesn't accept Ohio's. Maybe one of these days.

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    PA doesn't honor OH because OH doesn't honor PA. PA will honor any state that honors PA....that simple. OH wont honor PA because PA doesn't have a training requirement.

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    PA. is great they make it easy to get a permit and were friendly and helpful. To bad you have to go in person to apply now.

  8. Grunt, Fl/Pa reciprocity is good.

    Fl non-res permit does not specify you as a non-resident
    on the front of the permit.

    So, if the Pa staties stop you...

    Just present yer permit.

    Like mrjamjob suggests above....Pa att. Generals office say so!

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