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Thread: How long should it take to get my CCW in Florida?

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    Greetings ocalacarry,

    Mine took nineteen calendar days the first time I applied and I was in Ocala at the time. The second time (I was working outside of the States so mine permanently expired) it took sixteen calendar days.

    Best wishes and good luck!

  3. 8 days after submitting the stuff at a local office.

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    8 days wow, I mailed mine on feb 28th and the check just cleared today, called and the automated message said it could be another 6 to 8 weeks. It took 4 weeks like the forms stated for the application to be received so I am under the assumption it will take the full time to process also.

    Figure I will be calling the automated line every week, I will know that tracking number by heart haha.

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    My fingerprint card was sent back from the FBI as "illegible" so I just got prints done again yesterday and mailed. It's about six weeks from initial submission. I guess I'm starting over now.
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    I got mine about 2 weeks ago....So not bad...I think all and all about 3-4 weeks for out of state....

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    My turn around time was fast. Living in CT.

    Sent app in 3/1/12

    Issued 3/27/12

    Received 4/2/12

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    I had my appointment on the 13th of May 2010 and had the permit in hand on the 19th of May

    Hope yours is fast too!

    PS it is good for 7 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by pafindr View Post
    I went to the Dept. of Ag. and it took 8 business days to get it in the mail.
    My students go to the Palm Beach office at the Dept. of Ag. office. They get the permit in less than 10 business days.

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    I went to the Dept. of Agriculture office in Tampa, took the test, got electronically fingerprinted, photo taken, etc.
    Permit was in my hands 10 days later.
    You do have to call and make an appointment, and the lead time is about 8 weeks, but its worth it because they take care of everything right there.
    You can do all the stuff yourself, but guess what? Its going to take about 8 to 10 weeks anyway.
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  11. I'm in Florida and it took 8 work days last November. My wife's took 6 weeks but her finger prints were rejected for being unreadable. Once the prints were resubmitted her card came in in 5 days. All done electronically.

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